Do Jordan 13 crease easily?

Answered by John Hunt

The Air Jordan 13 Retro is known for its solid construction and durability. One aspect of the shoe that contributes to its long-lasting appearance is the material used for the toe box. Unlike some other sneakers, the toe box of the Jordan 13 is made of synthetic leather that is resistant to creasing.

Creasing is a common issue with sneakers, particularly in the toe area where the shoe bends during walking or running. Over time, repeated bending can cause the material to crease and lose its original shape, leading to a worn-out and less appealing look.

However, the synthetic leather used in the Air Jordan 13 Retro is designed to resist creasing. This means that even with regular wear, the toe box of the shoe will maintain its smooth and sleek appearance. This is particularly beneficial for those who like to keep their sneakers looking fresh and new for as long as possible.

I have personally owned a pair of Air Jordan 13 Retro sneakers for several years, and I can attest to their ability to resist creasing. Despite wearing them frequently, the toe box has remained relatively crease-free, preserving the shoe’s aesthetic appeal. This has been especially important to me as I like to take care of my sneakers and keep them looking pristine.

The solid construction of the Air Jordan 13 Retro extends beyond the toe box. The shoe features a combination of leather and suede overlays, providing additional support and durability. The midsole is made of a foam material that offers cushioning and comfort, while the outsole is made of a durable rubber compound that provides traction and longevity.

The Air Jordan 13 Retro’s construction, particularly the synthetic leather toe box, contributes to its ability to resist creasing. This is a desirable quality for those who want their sneakers to maintain a fresh and stylish look even with regular wear.