Do Coors Light cans change colors?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Coors Light cans do change colors due to the use of CTI’s ink. This innovative technology allows the mountains on the Coors Light cans to turn blue when the beer inside reaches its optimal drinking temperature. This temperature range is typically around 43-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coors Light has been using color-changing ink on their paper labels for bottles for some time. However, they faced challenges in finding a contractor who could replicate the same effect on their aluminum cans. The use of color-changing ink on cans is more complex due to the different surface properties and the need for the ink to adhere properly.

The introduction of CTI’s ink has solved this problem for Coors Light. This ink is specially designed to change color in response to temperature variations. When the beer inside the can reaches the desired temperature range, the mountains on the can turn blue, indicating that the beer is ready to be enjoyed.

The use of color-changing ink on Coors Light cans adds an element of fun and novelty to the drinking experience. It allows consumers to easily determine when their beer has reached the perfect temperature for optimal taste and refreshment.

Personally, I find this feature quite intriguing and unique. It adds an interactive aspect to the beer-drinking experience and can be a great conversation starter among friends. It also helps ensure that Coors Light is consumed at its best, as temperature can greatly impact the taste and enjoyment of a beer.

Coors Light cans do indeed change colors thanks to the use of CTI’s ink. This technology adds a fun and practical element to the drinking experience, allowing consumers to easily determine when their beer has reached the optimal temperature for enjoyment.