Do all the Vegimals have names?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

All the Vegimals have names. Each Vegimal has their own unique name that reflects their vegetable identity. Let’s take a closer look at each Vegimal and their names:

1. Tunip the Turnip: Tunip is a cheerful and energetic Vegimal who is shaped like a turnip. His name is a clever combination of the words “turnip” and “tuna,” which is a type of fish. Tunip is known for his love of cooking and often assists the Octonauts in preparing delicious meals.

2. Barrot the Carrot: Barrot is a friendly and helpful Vegimal who resembles a carrot. His name is a playful combination of the words “carrot” and “barrel.” Barrot is skilled at gardening and enjoys tending to the Octonauts’ underwater garden, ensuring that it is always flourishing with vibrant vegetables.

3. Grouber the Tuber: Grouber is a calm and wise Vegimal who takes the form of a tuber vegetable. His name is a clever fusion of the words “ground” and “tuber,” which refers to plants with underground storage structures like potatoes. Grouber’s expertise lies in providing guidance and advice to the Octonauts during their missions.

4. Codish the Radish: Codish is a mischievous and playful Vegimal who resembles a radish. His name is a creative combination of the words “radish” and “cod,” a type of fish. Codish is known for his culinary skills and often adds a unique twist to the Octonauts’ recipes, infusing them with his own radish-inspired flavors.

5. Tominnow the Tomato: Tominnow is a curious and adventurous Vegimal who takes the shape of a tomato. His name is a playful blend of the words “tomato” and “minnow,” a small fish. Tominnow enjoys exploring the underwater world and often assists the Octonauts in finding new and interesting plants for their garden.

These Vegimals not only have unique names but also distinct personalities and abilities that contribute to the Octonauts’ missions. Their names reflect their vegetable identities and add an element of fun and creativity to their characters.

It’s worth noting that the Vegimals communicate in their own special language called Vegimalese. This language adds to their uniqueness and strengthens their bond with each other and the Octonauts.