Did Will Zalatoris get paid for the Masters?

Answered by Willie Powers

Will Zalatoris did indeed get paid for his performance at the Masters. Despite not having his PGA Tour card, Zalatoris made an impressive debut at one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments and finished in second place, just one stroke behind the winner, Hideki Matsuyama.

As the runner-up, Zalatoris earned a significant payout for his outstanding performance. The total prize money for the 2021 Masters was $11.5 million, and Zalatoris took home a share of that prize purse. His second-place finish secured him a prize money amount of $1.2 million, which is an incredible achievement for someone who is not yet a full-time member of the PGA Tour.

To put this into perspective, it is important to understand Zalatoris’ current status in professional golf. While he is not a PGA Tour member, he has been competing on the Korn Ferry Tour, which is the developmental tour for the PGA Tour. Zalatoris has been performing exceptionally well on the Korn Ferry Tour, consistently finishing in the top ranks and earning himself a promotion to the PGA Tour.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PGA Tour had to make adjustments to its qualification criteria for the 2020-2021 season. As a result, Zalatoris did not automatically receive his PGA Tour card despite his success on the Korn Ferry Tour. Instead, he has been playing on the PGA Tour through sponsor exemptions and has been making the most of these opportunities.

Zalatoris’ performance at the Masters not only showcased his immense talent but also solidified his position as one of the rising stars in the world of golf. His second-place finish earned him a significant amount of prize money, which will undoubtedly help him further his career and potentially secure his PGA Tour card for the upcoming seasons.

This remarkable achievement at such a prestigious event like the Masters will also provide Zalatoris with increased visibility and exposure, opening up more opportunities for sponsorships and endorsements. The financial rewards from his success at the Masters will not only benefit him in the short term but also set him up for a promising future in professional golf.

It is worth noting that Zalatoris’ payout at the Masters is just a fraction of what he could potentially earn as a full-time PGA Tour member. With a PGA Tour card, he would have the opportunity to compete in more tournaments throughout the season, each with their own prize money. Additionally, being a PGA Tour member would make him eligible for various bonuses, endorsement deals, and appearance fees.

Despite not having his PGA Tour card, Will Zalatoris did receive a substantial payout for his impressive performance at the Masters. His second-place finish earned him $1.2 million, a significant amount that will contribute to his career advancement and future success in professional golf. Zalatoris’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring golfers and highlights the potential rewards that come with dedication, talent, and seizing opportunities.