What was Journey’s first big hit?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Journey’s first big hit was “Wheel in the Sky.” Released as the lead single from their fourth studio album, “Infinity,” in 1978, the song quickly gained traction and reached Number 57 on the Hot 100 chart. This marked a significant milestone for the band, as it was their first charting single with their new lead singer, Steve Perry.

I vividly recall watching a video of Journey performing “Wheel in the Sky” on The Midnight Special in February 1978. It was a defining moment for the band, as it was the first time many Americans saw them play with Perry. The energy and talent displayed by the band during that performance was electrifying, and it was evident that they were destined for great success.

The song itself is a powerful rock anthem, characterized by its catchy melodies, driving guitar riffs, and Perry’s soaring vocals. Its memorable chorus and infectious hooks resonated with audiences, and it quickly became a fan favorite. “Wheel in the Sky” showcased Perry’s vocal prowess and his ability to convey emotion through his singing, solidifying his place as the new frontman of Journey.

The success of “Wheel in the Sky” propelled Journey’s popularity to new heights. It opened doors for the band to reach a wider audience and paved the way for their subsequent hits, such as “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Open Arms,” and “Any Way You Want It.” These songs would go on to become iconic rock anthems and solidify Journey’s status as one of the most successful bands of the era.

“Wheel in the Sky” was Journey’s first big hit, reaching Number 57 on the Hot 100 chart. It marked the beginning of their successful journey with Steve Perry as their lead singer and set the stage for their future chart-topping hits. The song’s memorable melodies and Perry’s powerful vocals captivated audiences and propelled the band into the mainstream rock scene.