Increase Your Vocabulary With Words That Starts with CH

If you’re an avid word game player, having a few CH-starting words up your sleeve can give you an edge over your opponents. With over 1,200 English words starting with the letters CH, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of clever combinations and plays.

Chablis, Chabots, and Chalone are just a few of the 7-letter words that start with CH. These longer words offer more potential points as they often have a greater vlue in word games like Scrabble and Words With Friends. Other 7-letter CH-starters include Chalets, Challah, Challan, Challas, Challie, Challis, and Challot.

There are even more 5-letter words that start with CH such as Chaat, Chace, Chare, Chark, Charm, Charr, Chars and Chart. These shorter words may not yield high scores but they can be used to form other longer words or create opportunities for further plays using the same letter tiles.

The abbreviation “Ch.” is also used to represent chapter when referring to works of literature or textbooks. This is often seen in footnotes or bibliographies as a way to quickly refer to specific sections of written works.

So if you’re looking for some extra vocab power to give yourself an edge in word games or want to quickly refer to chapters when citing literature sources then having a few CH-starting words in your repertoire will certainly come in handy!

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Five Words That Start With ‘Ch’

The five words that start with “ch” are chaat, chace, chare, chark, and charm. Chaat is a savory snack originating from South Asia. Chace is a medieval term for hunting or pursuing. Chare is an archaic English word meaning “to turn aside.” Chark can refer to either a sound made by sheep or a type of charcoal oven used in East Asia. Lastly, charm is an object believed to possess magical powers or the power of pleasing.

What Is a Seven-Letter Word Starting with ‘Ch’?

Chablis is a 7-letter word that starts with the letter “Ch”. It is most commonly associated with a white wine produced in the Burgundy region of France. The grape variety used for this wine is Chardonnay, which has a light to medium body, high acidity, and aromas of green apples, citrus fruits, and nuts. Chablis can be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with white meats, fish dishes, and cheese.

The Meaning of CH

The word for CH is ‘chapter’. It is an abbreviation of the word ‘chapter’, which typically refers to a division or component of a larger work, such as a book, periodical, or report.

Number of English Words Starting With ‘Ch’

There are over 1,200 English words that start with the letters CH. These words range from common nouns and adjectives to rare technical and scientific terms. Some examples of common words that start with CH include: chair, change, cheese, church, and child. There are also many uncommon or specialized words that begin with CH such as: chlorophyll, chromatography, chyme, and chamfer. In total there are over 1,200 English words that start with the letters CH.

Ten Words That Start With ‘Ch’

1. Child: a young person or baby.
2. Chain: a series of connected or related items, people, or events.
3. Change: to make different; to alter or modify.
4. Chair: a piece of furniture designed for sitting on.
5. Chant: a repeated rhythmic phrase, often sung in unison by a group of people.
6. Chart: a diagram that shows infrmation in an organized and easy-to-understand way.
7. Chirp: the sound made by certain birds and animals, such as crickets and canaries.
8. Chimp: an intelligent and social primate species related to humans, with long arms and black fur covering their bodies.
9. Chose: the past tense of choose; to select from alternatives available; to decide on something after careful thought and consideration .
10. Check: an examination or inspection; to look at something closely in order to verify its accuracy or quality .

Four-Letter Words Ending With ‘Ch’

Four letter words that end with ‘ch’ include wych, hech, lych, wich, yech, yuch, bach, and coch. Wych is a noun that refers to the branch of an evergreen tree or shrub. Hech is a Scots verb meaning to hesitate or pause. Lych is an archaic English word for a corpse. Wich is an old Germanic word for village or settlement. Yech is an informal interjection used to express disgust or disapproval. Yuch is an expression of surprise or dismay. Bach is a Scottish term for brook or stream. Lastly, coch can refer eiher to a type of red dye or to a kind of Welsh sheepdog breed.

Ending a Word with CH: A Five Letter Word

The 5 letter word that ends in CH is “PITCH”. It usually refers to the act of throwing something, such as a ball or an object, with a specific aim. In baseball, for example, a pitcher throws a pitch to the batter in an attempt to get them out. It can also refer to an elevated area of land, typically one at the side of a road or railway line.

Nouns Ending in CH

Nouns that end in ‘ch’ include stagecoach, wristwatch, cornstarch, hotchpotch, crosshatch, deathwatch, backstitch, whipstitch, hatchback, pitapat, pitchfork, hiccough, hanky-panky and hitchhike. Other nouns ending in ‘ch’ include catchphrase, muchacho and sandwiche. ‘Ch’ is also used in some nouns to indicate a person’s profession or status such as teacher or preacher. Nouns that contain the suffix ‘-ich’, such as alfresco and albino are also included.

The Three Sounds of ‘Ch’

The letter combination “ch” can be pronounced in three different ways in English. The first sound is like a “k”, as in words such as “chasm” or “school”. The second sound is like an “sh”, as in words such as “charade” or “brochure”. The third sound is like a “tch”, as in words such as “champion” or “child”.

Spelling of ‘Ch’

The ‘ch’ /ʧ/ sound can be spelled in three different ways. The most common spelling is simply ‘ch’ (chip, teacher). It can also be spelled as ‘tch’ (kitchen, watch), or when ‘u’ follows the letter ‘t’, it is usually written as ‘ch’ (virtue, century).

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Is ‘A’ a Letter in the English Alphabet?

Yes, ‘ch’ is a letter in English. It is known as a digraph, which is a combination of two letters that represent one sound. It is most commonly used to represent the /tʃ/ sound at the beginning or end of words like ‘church’, ‘change’, and ‘echidna’. In some cases, it can also be pronounced as /k/ in words like ‘Christmas’ and ‘Loch Ness’.

The Meaning of ‘Ch’ in Sanskrit

Ch in Sanskrit is the seventh consonant, known as an aspirate of the preceding consonant. It is written as छ and pronounced ‘cha’. It is also referred to as the ‘chakāra’ letter or sound.

What Is the Type of Word ‘Ch’?

Ch can be either a pronoun or an abbreviation. As a pronoun, it is used to refer to someone in the second person informal singular form, usually in French-speaking countries. As an abbreviation, it can stand for various terms including ‘chapter’, ‘check’, and ‘church’.


In conclusion, words that start with CH are incredibly useful in many different scenarios. They can be used to enhance your vocabulary, give you an edge in word games and puzzles, and even help you sound more educated in conversation. Although there are over 1,200 words that start with this two-letter combination, knowing the most common ones is a great place to start. Whether you need to find the right word for a speech, an essay, or a game of Scrabble, having a few CH-words in your arsenal can be incredibly helpful.

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