The Creeper Truck: A 1960 Chevy Impala Supercharged for Speed

The Creeper Truck from Jeepers Creepers is an iconic vehicle that has been featured in three films and continues to fascinate fans of horror films. This 1941 Chevrolet COE (Cab Over Engine) was specially built for the movie by the studio based on concept sketches by Brad Parker and design sketches by Steven Leglers. The truck was heavily booby-trapped for intruders, completely bulletproof and powered by a 383 Chevy crate motor with a supercharger.

The first of the three trucks built for the movie was “Truck One” and it served as a prototype for the second and third movie trucks. Each truck had its own unique look, with Truck One featuring a distressed paint job with rust patches, cracked glass, missing windows, and exposed wiring that gave it an eerie feel. The second truck was known as “Truck Two” and had more of a sinister look with raised metal grates attached to the windows, black smoke stacks in the bed, and four metal ‘teeth’ attached to each corner of the cab. The third truck was known as “Truck Three” and had a brighter look with its greenish-yellow paint job along with chrome accents throughout.

The Creeper’s truck is now owned by Tom and Aimii who affectionately call it “JC”. It has been customized over time to include custom rims, bigger exhaust pipes, blacked-out window frames, tinted windows, chrome accents on the hood, airbrushed designs on the sides of the cab, custom fender flares in front, chrome side steps extending from each side of the bed to give it an aggressive look; all while maintaining its classic vintage style.

The Creeper’s truck is truly one of a kind; a perfect example of how creativity can transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. It has bcome an icon among horror movie fans all over the world who appreciate its unique style and menacing presence. The Creeper’s truck serves as a reminder that anything is possible when you put your imagination to work!

The Speed of the Jeepers Creepers Truck

The Jeepers Creepers truck is powered by a 383 Chevy crate motor with a supercharger, which allows it to reach incredible speeds. This supercharged engine gives the truck an extra boost of power, allowing it to accelerate faster and reach higher speeds than other vehicles. Additionally, the truck is fitted with heavy-duty suspension and brakes, as well as special tires that improve its grip on the road. These features all work together to give the Jeepers Creepers truck an incredibly fast performance.

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The Fate of the Jeepers Creepers Truck

The Jeepers Creepers truck, known as “Truck One” or “JC”, was built in early 2001 to serve as a prototype for the two other trucks used in the movie. After filming wrapped up, the truck was purchased by Tom and Aimii, who have since lovingly restored it and made it their own. Over the years, they’ve added various customizations to the truck that make it stand out from the crowd. These include a unique paint job, custom rims and tires, as well as upgraded interior features such as a new sound system. The truck is now regularly seen at car shows and events arond the country and has become an iconic symbol of the Jeepers Creepers franchise.

The Creator of the Jeepers Creepers Truck

The 1941 Chevrolet COE truck featured in the horror film Jeepers Creepers was specially built for the film by the studio, based on concept sketches by Brad Parker and design sketches by Steven Leglers. The three identical trucks were crafted with great detail, using original parts from a 1941 pickup as well as custom-made parts to make the vehicle look exactly like the one featured in the movie. The studio also added modern features such as an automatic transmission and power brakes to make it easier to drive.


The car from Jeepers Creepers, “JC”, is a 1960 Chevrolet Impala that has been heavily modified for the movie. It is powered by a 383 Chevy crate motor with a supercharger and is completely bulletproof and booby-trapped for intruders. The original truck was built in 2001 as the first of three trucks created for the movie and served as a prototype for the other two. This iconic vehicle has become synonymous with the movie and is still owned by Tom and Aimii today, making it an important part of Jeepers Creepers history.

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