Can you make polyamorous Sims?

Answered by Michael Wilson

With the help of the mod called WickedWhims, you can indeed create polyamorous Sims in the game. This mod adds various features and options that allow for more realistic and diverse relationship dynamics, including polyamory.

One of the key features of the WickedWhims mod is the ability to customize your Sims’ traits and characteristics. You can earn points by completing certain actions or milestones in the game and then spend those points in the trade store of your sim. This trade store offers various traits and characteristics that your Sim can acquire, including the polyamorous trait.

By giving your Sim the polyamorous trait, you are essentially allowing them to engage in multiple romantic relationships simultaneously. This means that your Sim can have more than one partner, and all parties involved are aware and consenting to the arrangement. It adds a new level of complexity and realism to your Sims’ relationships, reflecting the diversity of real-life relationships.

Additionally, the WickedWhims mod also offers the option to enable the “no jealousy” trait. This trait ensures that your Sims do not experience jealousy when their partner(s) engage in romantic or sexual activities with others. It allows for a more open and accepting environment where multiple partners can coexist without negative emotions.

It’s important to note that the WickedWhims mod is intended for a mature audience due to its explicit content and themes. However, if you are comfortable with that, it can be an excellent addition to your gameplay experience, especially if you want to explore more realistic and diverse relationship dynamics.

In my personal experience, using the WickedWhims mod to create polyamorous Sims has added a new dimension to my gameplay. It allows for more complex storytelling and the opportunity to explore different relationship dynamics. It’s refreshing to see the game embracing and reflecting the diversity of real-life relationships, and the mod provides a safe and consensual space for these types of interactions.

If you are interested in creating polyamorous Sims and exploring more open and diverse relationship dynamics in your gameplay, the WickedWhims mod is a fantastic option. Just remember to approach it with an open mind and consider the maturity level of the content involved.