Can you get death’s breath before level 70?

Answered by John Hunt

It is possible to obtain Death’s Breath before reaching level 70 in Diablo 3. Death’s Breath is a valuable crafting material used in the game, especially for upgrading rare items in Kanai’s Cube and crafting high-level items.

One of the best ways to acquire Death’s Breath early on is by completing the weekly Challenge Rift. Challenge Rifts are pre-made Greater Rifts that players can attempt to clear for rewards. Each week, a new Challenge Rift is available, and by completing it, players receive a cache of loot, including a significant amount of Death’s Breath.

The Challenge Rift is a great opportunity to get a head start on collecting Death’s Breath at the beginning of a season. However, it’s important to note that Challenge Rifts can only be completed once per week, so it’s crucial to make the most of this opportunity.

Aside from the Challenge Rift, there are a few other ways to obtain Death’s Breath before reaching level 70. Here are some methods:

1. Bounty Caches: Completing bounties in Adventure Mode can reward players with bounty caches. These caches have a chance to contain Death’s Breath among other valuable items. Although the drop rate may not be as high as in Challenge Rifts, it’s still worth doing bounties to increase your chances of obtaining Death’s Breath.

2. Elite Monsters: Elite monsters and rare packs have a chance to drop Death’s Breath when defeated. These are tougher enemies marked by special affixes and are typically found in Nephalem Rifts or Adventure Mode. Focus on hunting down and defeating these powerful foes to potentially get some Death’s Breath drops.

3. Rift Guardians: Completing Nephalem Rifts and defeating the Rift Guardian can also reward players with Death’s Breath. Rift Guardians are powerful bosses that spawn at the end of each Nephalem Rift, and they have a chance to drop multiple Death’s Breath when defeated. Running rifts and taking on these challenging bosses can yield a good amount of Death’s Breath.

4. Kanai’s Cube: Once you have obtained some Death’s Breath, you can use them in Kanai’s Cube for various recipes. One useful recipe is the “Upgrade Rare Item” recipe, which allows you to convert a rare item into a random legendary or set item of the same type. This can be a great way to upgrade your gear and potentially get stronger items while also salvaging unwanted rares for more Death’s Breath.

While the Challenge Rift is the most reliable and efficient way to obtain Death’s Breath before reaching level 70, there are other methods available. Bounty Caches, elite monsters, Rift Guardians, and utilizing Kanai’s Cube can all contribute to acquiring Death’s Breath early on in the game. Remember to prioritize these activities and make the most of every opportunity to gather this valuable crafting material.