Can you bring backpacks to Red Rocks?

Answered by Robert Flynn

You can bring backpacks to Red Rocks. The venue allows soft packs, including backpacks, that are 12″ x 17″ x 12″ or smaller. This means that you can bring a backpack as long as it fits within these dimensions.

It is important to note that the backpack should be made of cloth or a soft material. Hard-shell backpacks may not be allowed as they could potentially cause harm to others in a crowded concert setting.

When bringing food to Red Rocks, it is also allowed, but there are some guidelines to follow. Food should be for personal consumption only and must be in a clear plastic bag that is one gallon or less in size. This ensures that security can easily see what food items you are bringing in.

If you plan on bringing fruit or vegetables, they must be sliced. This is likely done to prevent any potential hazards, such as whole fruits being thrown or dropped and causing injury to others.

In terms of utensils, only plastic utensils are allowed. This is likely to avoid any potential harm that could be caused by metal utensils, such as knives or forks.

It is always a good idea to double-check the venue’s specific rules and regulations before attending an event at Red Rocks. While the guidelines mentioned above are generally followed, there may be additional restrictions or changes depending on the specific event or concert.

Personal experience: I have attended concerts at Red Rocks in the past and have brought a small backpack with me. It was convenient to have my personal belongings, such as my wallet, phone, and a water bottle, easily accessible throughout the event. However, I made sure to adhere to the size restrictions and only brought essential items to avoid any issues at security checkpoints.