Can I make my wallpaper a slideshow?

Answered by Michael Wilson

You can definitely make your wallpaper a slideshow on Windows 10. To do this, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app: You can do this by using the shortcut Windows + I on your keyboard or by searching for “Settings” in the Start menu.

2. Select the Personalization category: In the Settings app, you will find various categories. Look for and click on “Personalization.”

3. Choose the Background tab: On the left sidebar of the Personalization settings, you will see different options like Background, Colors, Lock screen, etc. Click on the “Background” tab.

4. Select Slideshow as the background option: By default, the Background dropdown box will be set to “Picture.” Click on the dropdown box and choose “Slideshow” from the options.

By selecting the Slideshow option, you can customize your wallpaper by adding multiple images and have them change automatically after a certain period of time. This allows you to have a dynamic and ever-changing background on your Windows 10 desktop.

To further customize your slideshow, you can click on the “Browse” button to choose the folder where your desired images are stored. You can select multiple folders if you want a wider variety of images in the slideshow.

Additionally, you can set the duration for each image to be displayed by adjusting the “Change picture every” dropdown box. You can choose a specific time interval ranging from minutes to hours.

Moreover, you can enable the “Shuffle” option if you want the images to be displayed in a random order rather than sequentially.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also set a single image as your background by selecting the “Picture” option from the Background dropdown box. This gives you the flexibility to switch between a slideshow and a static wallpaper whenever you prefer.

In my personal experience, I find the slideshow feature in Windows 10 to be a great way to keep my desktop visually interesting and refreshing. I enjoy using a collection of my favorite photos as my wallpaper and having them change automatically throughout the day.

To summarize, making your wallpaper a slideshow on Windows 10 is a simple process. Just navigate to the Personalization settings, choose the Background tab, and select the Slideshow option from the dropdown box. You can then customize the slideshow by adding folders of images, adjusting the duration, and enabling shuffle. Enjoy your personalized and dynamic desktop background!