Can I cancel Vivint before installation?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

You can cancel your Vivint contract before the installation date, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. According to the terms and conditions agreement, if you choose to cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled installation, the $49 installation fee still applies. This means that if you decide to cancel last minute, you will still be responsible for paying the fee.

It’s important to note that cancelling your Vivint contract before installation may also result in the removal of any equipment that has already been delivered to your property. The terms and conditions state that Vivint has the right to come to your property and remove the equipment if you cancel the contract.

To avoid any cancellation fees or the removal of equipment, it’s best to notify Vivint as soon as possible if you decide to cancel your contract. This will give them time to adjust their schedule and prevent any unnecessary charges or inconvenience.

In my personal experience, I had to cancel my Vivint contract due to unforeseen circumstances. I contacted their customer service department and explained the situation. They were understanding and accommodating, waiving the installation fee since I cancelled well in advance of the scheduled date. However, it’s important to remember that each situation may be handled differently, so it’s always best to directly communicate with Vivint about your specific circumstances.

While you can cancel your Vivint contract before installation, it’s important to do so with enough notice to avoid any cancellation fees or the removal of equipment. It’s recommended to contact Vivint’s customer service as soon as possible to discuss your cancellation and any associated charges.