Longmire’s Branch Connally: An Untimely and Heartbreaking Demise

Branch Connally is a beloved character from the popular A&E television series Longmire. He is based on Brian “Turk” Connally, a character in Craig Johnson’s mystery nvel series of the same name. Branch is played by actor Bailey Chase and has been a major part of the show since its debut in 2012.

Branch was born and raised in Durant, Wyoming and had a close relationship with his father Barlow Connally, although the two often clashed due to their differing views on law enforcement. After graduating high school he joined the US Marine Corps and served for two years before returning home to work as an investigator for Walt Longmire, the Sheriff of Absaroka County.

Throughout much of his time on the show Branch acted as Walt’s right-hand man, helping him solve cases and providing insight into various aspects of life in Durant. He also formed strong relationships with other characters such as Vic Moretti and The Ferg. However, tragedy struck in 2015 when his body was found down by the river by Walt, Vic and The Ferg. It was later revealed that his death was at the hands of his father Barlow who had killed him in order to keep Walt from realizing the truth about Martha’s murder.

Branch’s death came as a shock to many viewers and it is believed that Chase wanted to leave the show which led to him being killed off. Although he will be greatly missed by fans of Longmire, Branch will always be remembered for his courage and loyalty which made him an integral part of Sheriff Walt’s team.

What Became of Branch Connally?

Branch Connally was the son of Sheriff Walt Longmire and Martha Longmire. In 2015, his body was found down by the river near Durant, Wyoming by Walt Longmire, Vic Moretti and The Ferg. It was later discovered that Branch had been murdered by Barlow Connally, an ex-convict who had broken into the Longmire’s home and confessed to killing Branch in an attempt to keep Walt from learning the truth about Martha’s murder. To avenge his son’s death, Walt shot Barlow dead. His death brought closure to the case of both Branch and Martha’s murders.

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The Reasons Behind Branch’s Departure From Longmire

Branch’s departure from Longmire was a surprise to many viewers. Actor Bailey Chase had reportedly been interested in leaving the show for some time, and the writers ultimately decided to write him out of the show by having his character die in a heroic act. Branch’s death was a fitting end for such a beloved character, as he sacrificed himelf to save other characters on the show. Additionally, Branch’s death provided an opportunity for Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) to further his own story arc by seeking justice for Branch’s murderer. Ultimately, it appears that Bailey Chase’s desire to leave the show coupled with an opportunity to further Walt Longmire’s story arc led to Branch’s tragic but fitting exit from Longmire.

Is Branch Connally Featured in the Longmire Books?

Yes, Branch Connally is a character in the Longmire series of mystery novels by Craig Johnson. He is based on the real life character Brian “Turk” Connally, who first appeared in the seond book, The Cold Dish. In the books, Branch is a former police officer and deputy sheriff in Absaroka County, Wyoming, where he works alongside Sheriff Walt Longmire. He is loyal and dependable; while he sometimes disagrees with Walt’s decisions or methods of solving cases, he ultimately respects him and follows his orders without question. Branch is also known for his strong sense of justice and dedication to protecting the people of Absaroka County.

Revealing the Identity of Branch’s Killer in ‘Longmire’

In the season finale of Longmire, entitled “Ashes to Ashes”, Sheriff Walt Longmire finally discovers who killed his former deputy Branch Connally. After gathering evidence from multiple sources, Walt is able to put together a case that leads him to the murderer: Barlow Connally, Branch’s father. Barlow had been killing off those he felt were responsible for his son’s death, including Henry Standing Bear and Cady Longmire. When Walt confronts him with the evidence, Barlow confesses to killing Branch and is arrested.

Who is Responsible for the Death of Branch Connally on Longmire?

The murderer of Branch Connally on Longmire is Robert Taylor Barlow. Barlow is a wealthy businessman who owns the Connally Estate in Absaroka County. He appears to have an addiction to expensive alcohol, and even gets into a car crash upon his first appearance.

Branch confronts his father about his and Jacob Nighthorse’s meetings and Barlow kills him in a fit of rage. This murder leads to an investigation by Sheriff Walt Longmire, who eventually discovers the truth about Barlow’s actions and brings him to justice.

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The Reason Behind Zach’s Departure From Longmire

Zachary (Barry Sloane) left Longmire after being fired by Sheriff Walt Longmire. Although Walt initially hired Zach to serve as his deputy, he eventually decided that the two of them were too different and that it would be bettr for both of them if Zach left. Walt was worried about getting too close to anyone and wanted to keep his professional distance from those he worked with, but this created a rift between him and Zach, who was eager to offer his friendship and wise counsel. Ultimately, Zach’s departure was due to Walt’s own insecurities and unwillingness to accept the potential of a strong friendship.

Uncovering Longmire’s Secret

Walt Longmire’s secret is that he had an affair with a woman named Martha while his wife was still alive. This affair resulted in a child, Henry Standing Bear, who Walt kept secret from his wife and the rest of the world for many years. After his wife’s death, Walt took responsibility for Henry, raising him as his own son.

The Setting of Longmire

Longmire is set in the fictional Absaroka County #24, which is generally portrayed as being located in Wyoming. The town of Buffalo in Johnson County, Wyoming is often used to represent Absaroka County in the TV series. However, some episodes were also filmed in New Mexico and Colorado to reflect the larger landscape of the show’s setting.

Will Season 7 of Longmire Be Released?

At this time, there will not be a season 7 of Longmire. The show was originally cancelled after its fifth season in 2017, but it was revived for a sixth and final season in 2018 by Netflix. The six-episode season concluded in November 2018, and the series has since ended.

The show’s cancellation came as a surprise to fans who had grown to love the characters and story over its five-season run. While there have been rumors of Longmire returning for a seventh season, these are unfortunately unfounded. There have also been reports that some of the show’s actors are interested in reprising their roles for another season, but no plans have been confirmed.

For now, viewers can sill enjoy the show through its six-season run on Netflix or other streaming services. The stories of Walt Longmire and his friends remain timeless and entertaining for any fan of modern westerns.

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Do Walt and Vic Have a Romantic Relationship?

Yes, Walt and Vic do sleep together. After Cady is assaulted in Philadelphia, Walt and Vic have a brief conversation in which they acknowledge their mutual attraction to each other. Later that night, they have sex. This is significant because Walt has only been intimate with six women in his life, so this marks the seventh woman he has been with.

Are Any of the Actors on ‘Longmire’ Native American?

Yes, several of the actors on Longmire are Native American. Zahn McClarnon is a member of the Hunkpapa Lakota Tribe, Graham Greene is an Oneida Nation of the Thames citizen, and A Martinez is a member of the Chumash Tribe. All three actors have brought their unique perspectives to the show, providing insight into Native American culture and stories that would not have been present without their presence.

Will Vic and Walt Get Together?

Yes, Vic and Walt get together by the end of the show. After a season of both characters struggling with their feelings for one another, they finally come to terms with their emotions and share a romantic night together. Vic is initially scared of losing Walt due to his dangerous line of work, but ultimately decides to take a chance on him. Through their interactions, it becomes clear that the two are deeply in love with each other. By the end of the show, their relationship has blossomed into something special and beautiful.

Who Is Vic’s Secret Admirer on ‘Longmire’?

Ed Gorski is Vic Moretti’s secret admirer on Longmire. He was a police officer from Philadelphia and had an extramarital affair with Vic before she turned in his partner, Bobby. After this incident, Ed began stalking Vic, sending her gifts and letters in an attempt to win her affections. Unfortunately, his romantic gestures only resulted in more paranoia and fear for Vic as she continued to struggle with the consequences of her decision. Despite his misguided attempts, Ed remains a key figure in Vic’s life as she attempts to move forward from the events that have taken place.

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Does Henry Reclaim the Red Pony?

Yes, Henry eventually regains possession of The Red Pony. After Malachi attempts to swindle Henry out of the horse by signing a fraudulent contract, Henry engages in a heated confrontation with Malachi and gets him to sign the pony back over to him. This act restores ownership of The Red Pony back to Henry, ending the drama between them.

The Motive Behind David Ridges’ Shooting of Branch

David Ridges shot Branch Connally becaue he was trying to protect the sacred land of the Cheyenne Reservation. After Mathias had faked his death on the reservation dressed as a Dog Soldier, Deputy Connally began to investigate the matter. David, believing that his actions were in defense of his tribe and their sacred land, felt that he needed to prevent Connally from uncovering the truth and so decided to shoot him. This shows that even though David was committing various crimes, he still held great respect for his tribe and their traditions and was willing to do whatever it took to protect them.


Branch Connally was an important character in the Longmire universe, both in the novels and on television. Although it is not known why actor Bailey Chase decided to leave the show, his death in the season finale of the third season came as a surprise to many viewers. His death nevertheless served as a powerful moment of closure for Walt Longmire, who avenged Branch and Martha’s deaths by killing Barlow. Even though he is no longer with us, Branch Connally will remain a beloved character in the hearts of fans of Longmire.

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