Taming the King of the Sea: Strategies for Battling with Basilosaurus

Welcome to the world of ARK: Survival Evolved! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the depths of the oceans and battle agaist some of the most fearsome creatures? Well, look no further than the Basilosaurus.

The Basilosaurus is a majestic creature found in ARK: Survival Evolved, and is one of the many aquatic creatures available in the game. This powerful sea-dweller is known as one of the top predators of its environment, hunting sharks, large fish and other marine mammals for food. As such, taming a Basilosaurus can prove highly beneficial for those wishing to survive in ARK’s underwater worlds.

Taming a Basilosaurus requires patience and skill, but thse up for the challenge will find that this creature can be an invaluable asset when exploring underwater caves or engaging in battles against some of ARK’s most dangerous creatures. Not only does this majestic beast have impressive defense capabilities, but its slow speed also makes it difficult to knock off during combat – allowing you to stay atop your mount with ease.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful ally to aid you on your adventures throughout ARK: Survival Evolved, then consider taming a Basilosaurus! With its impressive defense capabilities and slow speed making it difficult to knock off during combat, this majestic sea-dweller could prove to be an invaluable asset during your travels.

The Usefulness of the Basilosaurus in Ark

The Basilosaurus is an incredibly powerful aquatic creature in Ark: Survival Evolved, making it one of the most formidable creatures in the game. Its massive size and long body make it ideal for tackling large areas of the water, allowing it to easily out-maneuver oher aquatic creatures. It also has a high health pool, strong attack power, and excellent swimming speed, allowing it to quickly traverse large expanses of water. Furthermore, its ability to hold onto surfaces with its tail makes it an ideal choice for tackling underwater caves filled with dangerous predators like Tuso and Mosa. Finally, its knock-back resistance means players can stay on its back even when facing powerful foes. All these traits combined make the Basilosaurus a strong contender for anyone looking to take on the waters of Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Is Taming Basilosaurus a Good Idea?

Yes, Basilosaurus is a great tame! It is a slow but powerful mount that is great for underwater exploration and transport. It has the highest health and stamina of any underwater mount, making it highly resilient and able to take on more dangerous water creatures. In addition, its large size makes it an excellent platform for carrying cargo or taming other creatures. Overall, Basilosaurus is an excellent tame that can provide a lot of utility in the oceans of the game.

What Diet Does a Basilosaurus Follow?

The Basilosaurus was a top predator of its time and environment, preying on both large fish and other marine mammals. Its primary food source was the dolphin-like Dorudon, but it would also feed on sharks and other large fish, such as tuna, mackerel, and marlin. The Basilosaurus had a unique jaw structure that allowed it to swallow its prey whole. It was an adept hunter and could take on prey much larger than itself with ease. Additionally, the Basilosaurus would also scavenge for dead animals, as well as consume any carcasses that were found in the sea.

The Strongest Tameable Creature in Ark

The strongest tameable creature in Ark: Survival Evolved is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This powerful dinosaur is the apex predator of all dinosaurs, and taming it is a daunting task. It can be found on most maps and has a variety of abilities that make it a formidable foe in combat. Rexes have high damage output, high health, and excellent stamina, making them the ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful companion. Additionally, they have access to a wide array of weapons and armor that can be used to customize their loadout for any situation. With patience and dedication, taming a Rex can provde an invaluable asset to any survivor’s team.

The Best Tameable Creature in Ark

The best tameable creature in Ark is the Argentavis, a large carnivorous bird found on the island. It is incredibly powerful and can take down large prey such as mammoths and other dinosaurs. Its strength, speed, and agility make it a formidable companion in combat. It is also capable of carrying heavy items, making it ueful for transportation and resource gathering. It has an impressive amount of health as well, so it can withstand numerous attacks from predators. Overall, the Argentavis is an excellent choice for taming in Ark and will prove to be a loyal companion for many adventures.

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The Rarest Pet in Ark: An Overview

The rarest pet in Ark: Survival Evolved is the Phoenix. This mythical creature can only be found on the Scorched Earth map, and it will only spawn during a heatwave. It is a one-time occurrence, meaning that if you miss your chance to find it, it won’t spawn again until the next heatwave. The Phoenix is an incredibly powerful creature that can help you conquer the ARK with its special abilities – such as beng able to revive fallen creatures and giving boost to your stats. However, due to its rarity, you should take advantage of any opportunity you may have to capture one!

Comparing Basilosaurus and Megalodon in Ark Survival Evolved

No, Megalodon is the superior predator of the two. Basilosaurus had a narrower jaw, meaning it had a much weaker bite force than Megalodon, which had 276 teeth in 6 rows and a bite force of 20000psi. Additionally, Megalodon was larger and more powerful than Basilosaurus and therefore more likely to prevail in an encounter. All things considered, Megalodon would be victorious if the two were to ever face off.

The Easiest Tame in Ark Explained

The easiest tame in Ark is the dodo. Dodos are passive creatures that can be very easily tamed, as they don’t put up much of a fight. They can be tamed without the use of tranquilizers or narcotics, simply by leading them around with food in your hand. All that’s required is patience and time, as they do take a whie to tame. Once tamed, they make great mounts and provide plenty of meat and hide when killed.

Understanding the Causes of Basilosaurus Mortality

It is possible that your Basilosaurus is taking damage at deeper levels of water. Basilosaurus are designed to take damage more quickly when going into deep water, so if the level of your Basilosaurus is not very low, it could be taking too much damage in deeper waters and leading to its untimely demise. If you suspect this mght be the case, try reducing the level of your Basilosaurus or keeping it closer to the shoreline.

Are There Any Dinosaurs Immune to Jellyfish Stings in Ark?

Basilosaurus, Liopleurodon, and Tusoteuthis are the only dinos that are immune to paralyzing effects of jellyfish in Ark: Survival Evolved. Basilosaurus and Liopleurodon are both aquatic creatures that can swim freely in waters with jellyfish without being paralyzed by their stings. Tusoteuthis is an aquatic creature as well, but unlike the other two it does not have immunity to jellyfish stings; instead, its movement speed is decreased when zapped by them.

Can a Squid Grab a Person off a Basilosaurus?

No, a squid cannot grab you off a Basilosaurus. The Basilosaurus is an extinct whale-like creature that lived in oceans approximately 40 million years ago and coud reach up to 60 feet in length. Its size, combined with the fact that it has no protruding body parts that a squid can grab onto, make it impossible for a squid to grab you off of one.


In conclusion, the Basilosaurus is an incredibly useful mount for underwater exploration in ARK: Survival Evolved. It is one of the slowest mounts available in the game, but its size and strength make it a formidable opponent against even the toughest of sea predators. Not only can it easily take down sharks and other large fish, but it can also make short work of other mammals like Dorudon. Its slower speed makes it ideal for navigating underwater caves and other tight spaces whee more powerful mounts would be too fast to control. With its large health pool, the Basilosaurus is an invaluable asset to any survivor looking to explore the depths of ARK’s seas.

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