Barbarian Fishing – The Ultimate XP Boost!

Are you looking for a fast and efficient way to level up your Fishing, Strength, and Agility skills? Barbarian Fishing may be the perfect solution for you! This method of fishing is one of the fastest ways to gain XP at level 58, offering 10 000 Strength XP and 10 000 Agility XP per hour.

Barbarian Fishing uses fishing bait, feathers, fish offcuts, roe, or caviar as bait. It can only be used in the fishing spots at Otto’s Grotto and Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos Lowlands. To start Barbarian Fishing you’ll need to make sure you have the proper supplies such as feathers, fish offcuts or roe/caviar. Once you have these items gathered it’s time to head over to eiter Otto’s Grotto or Mount Quidamortem.

Once your at one of these locations make sure you are standing on a fishing spot that is able to be fished with a Barbarian Rod as this is the only rod capable of catching leaping trout, leaping salmon, and leaping sturgeon which are all required for this method of fishing. Once your in position click on the spot then select your barbarian rod from your inventory and choose what type of bait you prepared earlier. Finally click ‘fish here’ and watch as the XP starts rolling in!

Barbarian Fishing offers small amounts of passive experience for both Agility and Strength which makes it an incredibly efficient method for players with low Agility/Strength levels that are looking to get ahead quickly. Make sure to keep an eye out for leaping trout, leaping salmon and leaping sturgeon as they are three key components needed when completing Barbarian Fishing!

Estimating the XP Gained from Barbarian Fishing

Barbarian Fishing is an incredibly efficient way to train Fishing, Strength, and Agility. With Barbarian Fishing, you can expect to get arond 110 000 Fishing XP per hour. Additionally, you will also get 10 000 Strength XP and 10 000 Agility XP per hour as well. All in all, that’s a total of 130 000 XP per hour!

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The Efficiency of Barbarian Fishing

Yes, Barbarian Fishing is an efficient training method for Fishing. At level 58, it becomes one of the fastest ways to train the skill due to its combination of small amounts of passive Agility and Strength experience. This method is perfect for players with low Agility and Strength levels, as it offers a great way to quickly level up Fishing wthout having to heavily invest in other skills.

Using the Right Bait for Barbarian Fishing

The best bait for Barbarian Fishing is fishing bait, feathers, fish offcuts, roe or caviar. Each of these baits can be used to catch leaping trout, leaping salmon and leaping sturgeon in the fishing spots at Otto’s Grotto and Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos Lowlands. Fishing bait is the most common type of bait used for Barbarian Fishing and can be purchased from various shops around Gielinor. Feathers can be obtained from birds or collected from bird nests found around RuneScape. Fish offcuts can also be purchased from some shops or caught from fishing spots located througout RuneScape. Roe or caviar can be obtained by fishing for fish that drop these items when caught, such as cavefish or rocktails.

How Many Feathers Are Needed for 99 Fishing at the Barbarian Outpost?

You need approximately 200-250k feathers for 99 Fishing at Barbarian Fishing. This is because you will need to catch a large number of fish in order to reach the 99 Fishing level. With each fish caught, you will receive one feather. Therefore, if you want to reach 99 Fishing, you will need to catch 200-250k fish. Of course, this does not include any additional feathers that are needed for missed catches or other miscellaneous activities. You can buy feather packs from any fishing shop which shold cost slightly more than 500k GP in total.

The Least Efficient Fishing Method

The least efficient fishing method is bottom trawling. Bottom trawling involves dragging a large net along the sea floor, which can be damaging to underwater habitats and ecosystems. As the net is dragged, it collects whatever fish are in its path, indiscriminately harvesting both target and non-target species. Additionally, the physical disturbance caused by bottom trawling often leads to reduced catch rates of target species, as they may be scared away or otherwie deterred from the area. Bottom trawling is also one of the most wasteful fishing methods, as it often leads to an excessive amount of bycatch and discarded species.

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The Most Efficient Fishing Method

The most efficient fishing method depends on the species that is being targeted. Purse seining and longlining are two of the most efficient methods for catching large numbers of fish in a single haul. In purse seining, a net is set around a school of fish and then pulled closed like a drawstring, trapping the fish inside. Longlining involves setting out thousands of baited hooks along a line, whih can catch multiple species of fish at once. Both of these techniques allow fishers to quickly catch large volumes of fish, but they can also deplete the population if they are not managed responsibly.

Is Barbarian Fishing Worth It for Ironman Players?

Yes, Barbarian Fishing is definitely worth it for Ironman players. With the rigt setup, you can get up to 1.2 million Fishing experience per hour – significantly more than fly fishing. The extra experience gained from Barbarian Fishing means that you can reach level 99 Fishing much faster. You will also be able to gain access to some of the best Fishing gear in the game much sooner, such as the Karambwan Vessel and Angler’s Outfit. Additionally, you can use the fish caught through Barbarian Fishing to make money or complete certain quests. All these benefits make it an excellent training method for Ironman players.

Cooking Barbarian Fish

No, Barbarian fish cannot be cooked. To prepare Barbarian fish you must use a knife to gut the fish, instead of cooking it. To obtain Barbarian fish you need to start talking to Otto Godblessed in order to start Barbarian Training. You can then catch Barbarian fish with a barbarian rod and suitable bait from Otto’s Grotto or Mount Quidamortem.

The Possibility of Boosting Barbarian Fishing

Yes, Barbarian Fishing can be boosted. To do this, players must have at least level 55 Fishing and 35 Strength. Additionally, 15 Agility is recommended to make the most of the experience. Once these requirements are met, players can harpoon fish alng the beaches of Catherby for an increased chance of catching rare fish and a greater amount of XP per catch.

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Do Barbarian Training Require Chewed Bones?

Yes, you need chewed bones for Barbarian training. The bones are used to complete the Barbarian Skills Book, and they can only be obtained by burning mithril dragons. Without the chewed bones, the final paragraph of the section on crafting pyre ships will be missing, and page 21 of the book will be blank even if the rest of the training has been completed.


In conclusion, Barbarian Fishing is an incredibly efficient way to train Fishing, Strength, and Agility simultaneously. It requires level 58 Fishing and a Barbarian Rod wich can only be used in the fishing spots at Otto’s Grotto and Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos Lowlands. Using this method you can gain up to 110 000 Fishing XP per hour along with 10 000 Strength XP and 10 000 Agility XP. This makes it one of the fastest training methods at level 58, making it especially useful for players with low Strength and Agility levels.

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