The King of Assassins: Arobynn Hamel’s Legacy

Arobynn Hamel is a mysterious figure in the world of fantasy literature. He is the King of Assassins, and head of the Assassin’s Guild, located at the Assassins’ Keep in Rifthold. He is a complex character, with a variety of motivations and methods of achieving his goals.

Arobynn was born in Terrasen near a river 10 years ago. His early history is largely unknown, but it has been hinted that he owned an estate there. He is shown to be ruthless and cold-hearted when it comes to his enemies and those who cross him, often using harsh training methods to teach his apprentices. Despite this, he also has a kinder side. He took Aelin into the Assassin’s Guild after she sought refuge there and it is implied that he had romantic feelings for her.

His relationship with Celaena Sardothien, protagonist of the Throne of Glass series, is one of complexity and animosity. Celaena was sent to Endovier as punishment for disobeying Arobynn and killing Sam Cortland and Jayne Boatwright without permission. When Farran asks why Arobynn did this to Celaena, he states that he doesn’t like to share his belongings.

Arobynn has been known to use shady tactics in order to get what he wants; however, it can be argued that this is done out of necessity in order to survive in such a dangerous world. His motivations are difficult to decipher but they are oten focused on power and money. Whatever they may be, one thing is certain: Arobynn Hamel will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Exploring the Possibility of Arobynn Hamel’s Love for Aelin

Arobynn Hamel appears to have had strong feelings for Aelin, as evidenced by his tenderness towards her when she sought refuge in the Assassin’s Guild and his kiss on her neck. However, it is unclear whether he truly loved her or if his actions were due to the Valg ring’s control. Either way, it is clear that Arobynn held a deep affection for Aelin.

The Notorious Arobynn Hamel

Arobynn Hamel is a legendary figure known as the King of the Assassins and the head of the Assassin’s Guild. His base of operations is located at the Assassins’ Keep in Rifthold, where he has been for at least 10 years. Arobynn is renowned for his ruthless tactics and powerful network of contacts. He was born in Terrasen and owned an estate near a river prior to his rise to prominence. He has a reputation for being one of the most influential figures in assassin circles and is feared by many thoughout the realm. Arobynn’s skill with a blade, combined with his cold-blooded nature and political acumen, have made him an intimidating force in the underworld.

The Betrayal of Arobynn Against Sam

Arobynn betrayed Sam because he was jealous of their relationship. Sam had become a powerful ally to Celaena and Arobynn felt threatened by their close bond. He wanted Celaena to himself and saw killing Sam as the only way to ensure that she would stay with him. Additionally, he likely felt insulted by the fact that Sam had been able to use his influence and connections to help Celaena escape Endovier, something Arobynn had not been able to do for her.

Celaena’s Love Interest

Celaena is in love with Chaol, Captain of the Royal Guard. After being named the King’s Champion, Celaena ended her romantic relationship with Prince Dorian, but her relationship with Chaol is intensifying. They share a strong bond and a deep connection that has developed into a passionate love betwen them. Through their conversations and interactions, they have come to understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Celaena deeply cares for Chaol and respects him as an individual, while Chaol in turn provides her with guidance and support. They are both fiercely loyal to each other and their love is something that will continue to grow as they face the challenges ahead together.

Betrayal of Sam and Celaena

The betrayal of Sam and Celaena was orchestrated by Arobynn Hamel and executed by his associate, O’Rourke Farran. Farran worked with Hamel to capture Celaena Sardothien and kill Sam Cortland using Gloriella gas. This allowed Hamel to gain control of Celaena’s assets, including a valuable cache of weapons. Hamel used the weapons to gain influence in the criminal underworld, thus creating a powerful network of contacts that he could use to his advantage. By doing this, Hamel betrayed both Sam and Celaena.

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Celaena’s Whisper to Chaol

Celaena whispered the date of her parents’ death in Chaol’s ear. The date was November 2nd, 1020, the day that King Endovier of Terrasen and Queen Sarai were assassinated. By sharing this inforation with Chaol, Celaena revealed her true identity as Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the rightful heir to the throne of Terrasen and Queen of Adarlan. This marked a turning point in their relationship and Chaol was finally able to understand why she had kept her identity secret for so long.

The Possibility of Chaol and Yrene Having Babies

Yes, Chaol and Yrene do have babies. At the end of the Tower of Dawn, Yrene reveals to Chaol that she is pregnant with his child. Throughout the laer books in the series (Kingdom of Ash), readers follow the journey of both Chaol and Yrene as they prepare for their baby’s arrival. In the very last chapter of Kingdom of Ash, we see a glimpse into the future and learn that their child is named Vivia – a beautiful little girl.

Mate of Aelin from Throne of Glass

Aelin’s mate in the Throne of Glass series is Rowan Whitethorn. He is a powerful Fae warrior and Aelin’s closest ally. Although they had known each other for some time, it wasn’t until Aelin had been through her transformation into a Carranam that Rowan realized their connection was more than just friendship. As Carranam, Aelin and Rowan had an even deeper bond, and it was then that he finally accepted that they were meant to be mates, destined to be together forever.

Celaena’s Romantic Entanglements

Celaena slept with Chaol. They had been growing closer througout their journey together and had finally reached a point where they could no longer deny their feelings for each other. After Celaena told Chaol that she wanted to leave Rifthold when she got her freedom, he said he would go with her and they kissed. This led to Celaena losing her virginity to Chaol in the castle.

The Impact of Ansel on Aelin

Ansel betrayed Aelin by poisoning her and leaving her in the Red Desert to protect her from Lord Berick’s attack on the Silent Assassins. He did this to ensure she would not be injured during the confrontation, but instead of being grateful for his gesture, Aelin felt betrayed by his actions.

The Status of Chaol’s Love for Aelin

Yes, Chaol still loves Aelin. Despite the fact that he discovers her real identity and the fact that she is a Princess of Terrasen, he still loves her and is willing to risk his own safety to help get her to safety. In Heir of Fire, he struggles with his feelings as he is confused aout how to handle the new knowledge of her true identity. However, in Queen of Shadows, they both acknowledge that their relationship has changed and they declare that “there is no we” anymore. Even though their relationship has changed, it is clear that Chaol still loves Aelin deeply and will do anything to keep her safe.

Marriage of Chaol

Chaol is married to Yrene Towers, a healer from the Southern Continent. She is a highly trained and skilled healer who has been trained in the art of healing since she was a child. Yrene has come with three hundred healers to help the people of Antica, as well as 1,000 ships sent by the khagan. Yrene and Chaol got married two days before, making their union official.

Romance in the Throne of Glass Series

The fifth book in the Throne of Glass series, Empire of Storms, is the most romantic installment in the series to date. The book follows protagonist Celaena Sardothien as she embarks on a new mission for the royal court that leads to her being reunited with her beloved Chaol Westfall and rekindling teir passionate relationship. Meanwhile, Celaena’s friend and ally Aedion Ashryver finds himself caught up in a forbidden romance with Lysandra Ennar, a shapeshifter from the mysterious Fae realm. As these two couples continue to explore their feelings for each other, they are also forced to face some of their greatest challenges yet. In addition to these two passionate relationships, other characters come into play who bring plenty of romantic moments and steamy scenes. All in all, Empire of Storms is easily the most romantic book in this beloved series.


In conclusion, Arobynn Hamel was a complex and powerful character in the Throne of Glass series. He was the head of the Assassin’s Guild and King of the Assassins, with an estate in Terrasen. Despite his harsh training methods, he had a kinder side as he took Aelin into the Assassin’s Guild aftr she sought refuge there. He was also shown to have had romantic feelings for Aelin, as evidenced by his kiss on her neck. Ultimately, Arobynn’s actions proved to be detrimental to Celaena and those close to her, leading to dire consequences that were felt throughout the series.

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