The Cast of Are We There Yet: An Instrospective

Are We There Yet is a popular 2005 film and its 2007 sequel that have become instant classics for families everywhere. The film follows Nick Persons (Ice Cube), a recently divorced sports memorabilia dealer, who attempts to win the favor of Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long), the mother of two children, Lindsey (Aleisha Allen) and Kevin (Philip Bolden). After offering to accompany them on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Canada to visit their mother, the family embarks on an unforgettable road trip full of laughter, adventure, and heartwarming moments.

The cast of Are We There Yet is full of familiar faces. Ice Cube stars as Nick Persons, a man who is determined to win over Suzanne’s children despite their initial animosity towards him. Nia Long plays Suzanne Kingston, a divorced mother struggling with her new circumstances. Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden play her two children: Lindsey and Kevin respectively. Jay Mohr appears as Marty, Nick’s best friend who helps him out in various situations throughout the movie.

Are We There Yet is funny and heartwarming in equal measure and has become a favorite movie for many families around the world. The cast is well-crafted with talented actors that bring each character to life in such a way that you can’t help but feel invested in their story as it unfolds before you. Whether you are watching this movie with family or friends there is something for everyone to enjoy!

The Cast of Are We There Yet?

The kids from Are We There Yet are Lindsey and Kevin, two siblings living with teir father, Nick, in Portland, Oregon. Lindsey is played by Aleisha Allen and Kevin is played by Philip Bolden. They are the children of Suzanne (Nia Long), a recently divorced mother who lives in Canada. Nick offers to accompany them on a flight from Portland to Canada to see their mother, hoping to win her favor.

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Exploring the Origin of ‘Are We There Yet?’

Are We There Yet is a television series based on the 2005 Revolution Studios film of the same name and its 2007 sequel. The show fllows the story of Nick Persons, a single father who falls in love with Suzanne Kingston, a divorced mother of two children. The characters and their relationships are similar to those in the films, though they are recast for the TV series. Nick’s friend Martin also plays a role in the show, though he too is recast. The series follows Nick and Suzanne as they navigate their new relationship while raising two children together.

Exploring the Characters of ‘Are We There Yet?’

Are We There Yet? follows the story of Nick Persons, played by Ice Cube, a bachelor whose life is turned upside down when he meets Lindsey Kingston (Aleisha Allen) and her brother Kevin (Philip Daniel Bolden). Lindsey’s divorced mother Suzanne (Nia Long) is determined to keep him away from her children, but eventually warms up to him. Nick also has a best friend Marty (Jay Mohr), who helps him navigate the complicated situation. Ultimately Nick learns to apprecate family and responsibility as he discovers his own version of a happy ending.

Does Ice Cube’s Son Star in ‘Are We There Yet?’

Yes, Ice Cube’s eldest son, Philip Daniel Bolden, plays Kevin in the 2005 film Are We There Yet? as well as its 2007 sequel Are We Done Yet?. Bolden began his career in 1999 and has had roles in films such as The King of Queens (1999-2000), Knockaround Guys (2001), and Max Keeble’s Big Move (2001). He also continued to act in 2018 and is still active today.

Is ‘Are We There Yet?’ Inappropriate?

Are We There Yet is rated PG, but it contains content that some viewers may find inappropriate. It has quite a bit of crude humor and strong language for a PG movie, as well as cartoon-style violence. Some viewers may be disturbed by the portrayal of absent fathers, and there are brief shots of a dead deer. Parents should consider these elements befre deciding if it’s suitable for younger viewers.

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Age of the Girl in ‘Are We There Yet?’

The girl in the 2005 family comedy movie, “Are We There Yet?”, was 14 years old. Her name was Aleisha Allen, and she played the role of Lindsey Kingston — a mischievous and clever daughter who snapped a flash photo that caused a deer to go wild. At the time of filming, Allen was only fourteen years old, having been born in 1991.

The Main Character of ‘We’re Not From Here’

The main character in We Are Not From Here is Pulga. He is a 15-year-old Guatemalan boy from the pueblo of Puerto Barrios. He is the oldest of the three teenagers and serves as a guardian to his younger siblings, Chico and Pequeña. Pulga has a strong sense of responsibility, despite facing many struggles in his life such as poverty and violence. Despite these hardships, he remains hopeful and resilient in the face of adversity. Throughout the story, Pulga shows courage and determination as he embarks on a dangerous journey across Mexico, determined to give his siblings a btter future.

Ages of Characters in We Are Who We Are

The two main characters of the series We Are Who We Are are both 14 years old. Fraser Wilson is a confident, introspective and thoughtful young man who has recently moved to the US military base in Chioggia, Italy from New York with his mother and her new partner, Maggie. Caitlin Poythress is an adventurous and curious young woman who has lived on the military base her entire life with her two mothers, Sarah and Jenny. Both Fraser and Caitlin are beginning to explore teir identities and sexuality as they navigate their teenage years on the military base.

Who Portrays the Bobblehead in ‘Are We There Yet?’

Tracy Morgan plays the bobblehead in the Ice Cube comedy, Are We There Yet? Morgan provides the voice of the talking Bobblehead, which is a toy that is gven as a gift to Ice Cube’s character. Throughout the movie, Morgan injects comedic relief with his witty and clever one-liners. His performance is both hilarious and endearing, making him an ideal choice for this role.

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Is Ice Cube’s Son Appearing in the Film ‘Godzilla’?

Yes, O’Shea Jackson Jr is in the new Godzilla movie. He stars as Jackson Barnes, a military officer who finds himself in the middle of an epic battle between Titans. O’Shea is also the son of acclaimed rapper and actor Ice Cube and he brings his own unique energy to the role. From his intense action sequences to his comedic timing, O’Shea proves he has what it takes to be a star in this blockbuster.


Are We There Yet is a family comedy-drama television series based on the 2005 film of the same name and its 2007 sequel, released by Revolution Studios. The show follows Nick Persons (Ice Cube) as he attempts to win the favor of recently divorced Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long) by accompanying her two children, Lindsey (Aleisha Allen) and Kevin (Philip Bolden), on a flight from Portland, Ore., to Canada to see their mother. Through hilarious adventures and heartfelt moments alike, the show proides an entertaining look into the lives of a diverse family dealing with life’s ups and downs. With a talented cast and light-hearted writing, Are We There Yet? is an enjoyable series for viewers of all ages.

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