Are Chris Stapleton and Ben Napier friends?

Answered by Frank Schwing

It is known that Chris Stapleton and Ben Napier are good friends. The two couples, Ben and his wife Erin Napier, and Chris and Morgane Stapleton, have been close for several years. They have often been seen supporting each other’s careers and attending each other’s events.

Ben and Erin Napier, who gained fame through their hit HGTV show “Home Town,” have been vocal about their love for country music. They are avid fans of the genre and have mentioned their admiration for Chris Stapleton’s music in multiple interviews. In fact, they have even played a role in promoting his music and introducing his songs to their own fan base.

The friendship between the couples seems to extend beyond just a professional connection. They have been spotted spending time together outside of work commitments, suggesting a genuine bond. It is not uncommon to see them socializing and attending events together, both in the music industry and in their personal lives.

It is worth noting that the friendship between the Napier and Stapleton couples has also been acknowledged by others in the country music industry. Chris Stapleton himself has mentioned his friendship with Ben and Erin Napier in interviews, expressing his gratitude for their support and friendship.

It is clear that Chris Stapleton and Ben Napier have developed a strong friendship over the years. Their shared love for country music and mutual support for each other’s careers have brought them together, resulting in a close bond between the two couples.