What shortcut key is hyperlink?

Answered by Willie Powers

The shortcut key for creating a hyperlink varies depending on the software or platform you are using. However, in most popular text editors and word processing software, the standard shortcut key to insert a hyperlink is Ctrl+K (or Command+K on a Mac).

When you press Ctrl+K, it opens the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, allowing you to add a link to a website, a file, or a specific location within the document. This dialog box typically provides options to enter the URL or file path, customize the display text, and set additional properties like target window or bookmark.

I personally find the Ctrl+K shortcut to be extremely handy and time-saving when I want to add a hyperlink while writing or editing documents. It allows me to quickly navigate to the desired website or file without having to manually type or copy-paste the link.

In addition to the Ctrl+K shortcut, some software may have additional or alternative shortcut keys for hyperlink-related actions. For example, in Microsoft Word, you can use Ctrl+Alt+K to quickly insert a hyperlink. Similarly, in Google Docs, the shortcut key is Ctrl+K as well.

To summarize, the Ctrl+K shortcut key is commonly used to insert hyperlinks in various text editors and word processors. It provides a convenient and efficient way to add links to websites, files, or specific locations within a document.