Olivia Perez: Anthony Ramos’ On-Screen Daughter

In the Heights, the Tony-award-winning musical, Anthony Ramos stars as Usnavi de la Vega and his on-screen daughter is named Iris. Despite not being related to Ramos off-screen, the pair seem to have a special connection on-screen. Olivia Perez plays Iris, and she has become well kown for her roles in In the Heights (2021), Falling for Christmas (2022) and Swallow (2019).

Iris is seen in the finale of In the Heights. We don’t get any insight into her upbringing or see her grow up, but it’s safe to assume that Usnavi raises a strong, independent daughter with a good head on her shoulders. With Vanessa’s beautiful singing voice arund the house and Usnavi’s kind heart and ambition, Iris will undoubtedly receive all the love and support she needs in life.

We can also assume that Iris is full of life and has a lot of personality just like her parents. From what we can tell from their interactions in In The Heights, they have a very close relationship and it seems like they understand each other perfectly.

Anthony Ramos’ on-screen daughter may not be his real daughter but he has created an amazing bond with Olivia Perez who plays Iris. It’s easy to see why fans mistake them for father and daughter!

Does Anthony Ramos Have a Child?

No, Anthony Ramos does not currently have any children. He and his wife Jasmine Cephas Jones married in 2019 and do not yet have any children.

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Is Usnavi’s Daughter His Biological Daughter?

No, Usnavi’s daughter is not his real daughter. Anthony Ramos and Olivia Perez are not related in any way off-screen. Olivia Perez portrays Usnavi’s daughter, Iris, in the musical, but she is unrelated to Ramos outside of the show. The resemblance between the two actors has led some fans to mistakenly beliee that they are related in some way, but this is not the case.

The Actress Who Portrayed Usnavi’s Daughter

In the 2021 film adaptation of In the Heights, Usnavi’s daughter is played by actress Olivia Perez. She is best known for her roles in Falling for Christmas (2022) and Swallow (2019). As Usnavi’s daughter, Perez brings a warmth and innocence to the role that is essential for viewers to connect with her character. She has a strong rapport with her on-screen father, played by Anthony Ramos, and their relationship adds a unique layer of emotion throughout the film.

Do Usnavi and Vanessa Have Children?

No, Usnavi and Vanessa do not have any kids in the musical “In the Heights”. The musical does not feature a flash forward, so we do not get to see the happily married version of Usnavi and Vanessa or their daughter who is seen in the finale.

Are Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Still Together?

Yes, Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones have broken up after six years of dating. The two stars recently split after almost three years of being engaged since December 2018, according to a source who spoke with PEOPLE.

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The Relationship Between Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones

Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones have reportedly ended their six-year relationship. A source confirmed to E! News that the two actors, who first began dating during the rehearsals for the original off-Broadway production of Hamilton in 2015, have decided to go their separate ways. Despite the breakup, they are said to remain close friends and still support each other professionally.

Did Benny and Nina Have a Happy Ending?

Yes, Benny and Nina ended up together. After a brief fight at the club, they made up and decided to date long distance once Nina returned to Stanford. Despite Benny’s worries about Kevin’s opinion of their relationship, the two decided to make their relationship work despite the distance between them.

Nina’s Relationship to Abuela Claudia

No, Abuela Claudia is not Nina’s grandmother. She is a close family friend who has taken on the role of a grandmother figure in Nina’s life. Though she is not related to Nina by blood, her presence in Nina’s life has been an invaluable source of love, guidance, and support for the girl.

Absence of Mrs. Rosario in ‘In The Heights’ Movie

The decision to cut Mrs. Rosario from the movie version of In The Heights was made in order to focus more on Usnavi and Nina’s relationship as they grow up together. The two characters have different paths that they take in the story, and this shift in focus meant that there wasn’t enough time to include Mrs. Rosario’s character in the movie adaptation. Ultimately, it was a decision based on what would best serve the story and its characters.

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The Significance of Usnavi’s Name

Usnavi is named after the boat that his parents saw when they immigrated to America from the Dominican Republic. The boat was part of the US Navy fleet, and his parents were so inspired by the sight that they decided to name their son Usnavi in honor of it. To them, it symbolized a better life for their son, and so they wanted to give him a name that wuld reflect this optimism and hope.

Relationship Between Sonny and Usnavi

Sonny is Usnavi’s cousin, who works with him in the bodega. They share a close bond, as Sonny looks up to Usnavi for advice and direction. In addition to being family, they are also business partners and friends. Sonny is often seen as the more lighthearted of the two, providing comic relief in their barrio. Despite his lazy exterior, Sonny is an ambitious young man who passionately fights for social justice.

Ethnicity of Usnavi

Usnavi is of Dominican ethnicity. He is a Dominican-American and was born in the Dominican Republic, though he has lived in Washington Heights, New York for most of his life. He speaks Spanish, English and some Spanglish. He is proud of his heritage and is a representation of the Dominican culture, values and customs that are seen throughout the musical.

Who Are the Recipients of Usnavi’s Story?

The kids Usnavi is telling the story to are a group of children from the Dominican Republic. They are curious and interested in hearing his story, as they have heard tales of Washington Heights before. Usnavi’s daughter, Iris, is amongst them, although he doesn’t realize it until latr on. The other children are from Usnavi’s home village, and some may even be distant relatives. They listen intently as he tells his story with animated gestures and enthusiasm. As Usnavi speaks of the struggles of life in Washington Heights, the kids identify with him and relate to his experiences, forming a bond between them all.

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Absence of Nina’s Mother in In The Heights

Nina’s mom was originally part of the stage character but was cut from the movie. Writer Quiara Alegría Hudes wanted to keep a traditional married couple in the story, so instead Daniela (Daphne Rubin-Vega) and Carla (Stephanie Beatriz) were introduced as a married couple who own the salon together. This change prvided a new dynamic for the story and allowed for further exploration of themes such as family, community and identity.

The Return of Nina in ‘The Heights’

Nina returned to her hometown of Washington Heights after failing out of Stanford University due to the pressure of hving to work multiple jobs to afford her tuition. She had previously been granted a scholarship, which she eventually lost due to the strain of trying to pay for school on her own. Her return was motivated not only by a sense of failure and disappointment, but also by a desire to reconnect with her community and family in Washington Heights.


In conclusion, Anthony Ramos and his wife Jasmine Cephas Jones do not currently have any children. However, on-screen, Ramos plays the role of Usnavi de la Vega, father to his daughter Iris. Iris is played by Olivia Perez and the two form a close bond even tough they are unrelated off-screen. While we don’t get to see them as a family in the musical, we can only imagine how lovely it would be if they all were reunited in a future installment.

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