The Amazing Transformation of Anthony LaRusso in Cobra Kai

Anthony LaRusso is the son of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in Netflix’s hit “Karate Kid” sequel series, “Cobra Kai.” Griffin Santopietro portrays Anthony, who is a complex but lovable character.

At the start of the series, Anthony was a shy and awkward teenager who was struggling to fit in. He had no interest in karate and spent most of his time playing video games. However, as the show progressed, so did Anthony. He slowly began to find his place in life and embrace his inner strength.

Anthony’s physical transformation was one of the most notable changes he underwent throughout the series. Initially overweight and lacking confidence, he slowly became more comfortable with himself and also started working out regularly. He ended up looking leaner and more toned by season 3 thanks to his hard work and dedication.

In addition to physical changes, Anthony has also grown emotionally over the course of the show. He has become more confident in himself and his abilities, which allowed him to take on leadership roles at times when needed. His newfound independence has allowed him to make decisions for himself without relying on his parents for guidance or approval all the time.

Furthermore, Anthony has also grown closer with his father Daniel as they have gone through struggles together on their journey throughout Cobra Kai’s three seasons so far. They have bonded over their love for karate and now share a mutual respect for each other that didn’t exist before.

Overall, it’s been great to watch Anthony grow from an unsure teenager into a strong young adult over the course of Cobra Kai’s thee seasons so far – we can only wait to see what else is in store for him in future seasons!

Is Anthony from Cobra Kai Played by the Same Actor?

Yes, Anthony in Cobra Kai is played by the same actor, Griffin Santopietro. Santopietro is an experienced actor best known for his role as Anthony LaRusso in the Netflix original series “Cobra Kai”. In addition to this role, Griffin has appeared on other television shows such as “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, “Bull”, and “New Amsterdam”. He has also made appearances in films such as 2018’s “Hickok” and the upcoming 2020 action-thriller film “The Tax Collector”. His performance as Anthony LaRusso has received high praise from critics and fans alike and has solidified him as a talented young actor in Hollywood.

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The Impact of Cobra Kai on Anthony’s Weight

Yes, Anthony did get significantly skinnier in Season 3 of Cobra Kai. By the end of the season, it’s clear that he has lost a considerable amount of weight. Though it’s not made explicitly clear how he achieved this transformation, it is liely that he has been following a strict diet and exercise regimen. Additionally, his newfound commitment to martial arts training could also have contributed to his slimmer physique.

Replacement of Anthony in ‘Cobra Kai’

No, Cobra Kai did not get a new actor for Anthony. Griffin Santopietro has been portraying Anthony LaRusso since the show’s debut in 2018 and continues to do so in the latest season. The character is portrayed as the son of Johnny Lawrence’s nemesis Daniel LaRusso, and Santopietro has done an excellent job embodying the awkward yet lovable teen. With each new season, he adds more nuance and depth to Anthony’s story as he navigates his teenage years while dealing with his parents’ complicated pasts.

Who Portrays Anthony LaRusso in Season 5?

In Cobra Kai Season 5, Anthony LaRusso is played by Griffin Santopietro. Anthony is the son of Daniel LaRusso and is finally folowing in his family’s footsteps by joining his father’s dojo. Griffin Santopietro takes on the role of Anthony in season 5, and his performance has been praised by fans and critics alike.

Has Anthony Been Recast in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3?

No, they did not recast Anthony in Cobra Kai Season 3. Actor Griffin Santopietro returned to the role, albeit in a limited capacity. He only appeared in one episode of the season as a guest star, but his character is still present throughout the rest of the season and referenced in other storylines.

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Is Anthony LaRusso Appearing in Season 5?

No, Anthony LaRusso does not appear in the fifh season of Cobra Kai. However, his absence does provide an opportunity for character growth and development as the other characters learn from their mistakes and grow from them. Anthony’s absence allows him to mature and realize that his past behavior was not the best it could have been.

Cobra Kai: Kenny’s Brother

Kenny’s brother is Shawn Payne, a juvenile delinquent and member of the Cobra Kai dojo. Kenny first meets him in Season 4, where he is enrolled in John Kreese’s Cobra Kai dojo. From there, his relationship with his older brother becomes a major plot point in Season 5. Despite their differences and the fact that Shawn has joined Cobra Kai, Kenny still cares deeply for his brother and often ties to talk him out of his delinquent ways. Ultimately, when Shawn decides to leave the dojo and come back to live with Kenny, it is a sign that he is trying to make amends and put his life back on track.

Release Date of Season 5 of Cobra Kai

Season 5 of Cobra Kai was released to Netflix on September 9, 2022. The fifth season consists of 10 episodes, and continues the story of the characters Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence 30 years aftr the events of the original Karate Kid film.

The Reasons Behind Miguel’s Departure From Cobra Kai

Miguel left Cobra Kai aftr suffering a minor back injury that prevented him from competing in the tournament. Although he was healthy enough to return, he decided that the best choice for him was to take some time away and try to find his father in Mexico. This decision provided him with an opportunity to reconnect with his roots and explore his identity as a Mexican-American. He felt that it was important for him to understand his heritage and build a better relationship with his father, which is why he chose to leave Cobra Kai and embark on this journey.

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The Strongest Cobra Kai Person

The strongest Cobra Kai person is undoubtedly Miguel Diaz. He has been one of the most formidable martial artists in the series since the end of the first season, having never lost a fair fight. His mastery of karate is unparalleled and he is highly skilled in various other disciplines. He has consistently bested his opponents with swift strikes and powerful kicks, often using his environment to gain an advantage. In addition, Miguel has shown remarkable resilience and determination to succeed no matter what obstacles he faces, making him a truly formidable force within the Cobra Kai dojo.

The Toughest Student in Cobra Kai

The toughest character in Cobra Kai is undoubtedly Mr. Miyagi. He has been the mentor and teacher of both Daniel and Johnny since the original Karate Kid movie, and his martial arts skills are unparalleled. During his student days, Miyagi was a master of karate and judo, winning numerous tournaments in Japan. In the present day, he is still a formidable opponent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and uses his wisdom to outwit opponents with strategies rather than brute strength. He does not fight for sport or glory, but only if it is absolutely necessary for protecting those he cares about. His loyalty and drive to protect those arond him make him an incredibly powerful and intimidating force to be reckoned with in any situation.

Will Anthony Join the Miyagi Do Karate School?

Yes, Anthony LaRusso will join Miyagi-Do Karate in Cobra Kai: Season 5. After a tumultuous relationship between the two dojos, it looks like Anthony is ready to follow in his mentor Mr. Miyagi’s footsteps and join the Miyagi-Do Karate family. In the trailer for Season 5, we see Anthony in the dojo with Miyagi-Do’s Sensei Johnny Lawrence, showing that he has decided to commit to taking on the challenge of learning traditional karate. We can only hope that this decision will help towards bringing harmony between the two dojos and their students.

Does Robby Leave Cobra Kai?

Robby does indeed leave Cobra Kai at the end of the episode. After trying to de-program Tory and Kenny, he realizes that his presence is only furthering the divide between them, so he decides to leave for thir sakes. He doesn’t want to be forced to choose between his friends and his dojo, so he chooses neither. Instead, he moves away from the conflict completely in order to protect everyone involved.

Who Is the New Actor Playing Miguel in Cobra Kai Season 4?

No, Xolo Maridueña will be reprising his role as Miguel Diaz in the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix series Cobra Kai. Maridueña has been portraying the character sice the series premiered in 2018 and continues to be an integral part of the show’s cast. He is also set to appear in the DC Extended Universe film Blue Beetle as Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle.


Anthony LaRusso, played by Griffin Santopietro, has grown a lot sine his first appearance on the hit Netflix show “Cobra Kai”. In Season 3, fans were shocked to see the former fat kid had lost a considerable amount of weight and was now interested in martial arts. His journey has been an inspiring one, as he has gone from an insecure teenager to a confident young man who is unafraid to stand up for what he believes in. His dedication to karate and his relationships with his father and Daniel LaRusso have made him into the strong-willed person he is today. We look forward to seeing Anthony’s continued growth in future seasons of Cobra Kai.

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