Kelly Stables: Alan’s Receptionist in ‘Two and a Half Men’

The character of Alan’s receptionist on Two and a Half Men has been portrayed by a variety of actresses over the years, but most recently by Kelly Stables. Kelly first appeared in the show in January 2009, in the episode “Merry Thanksgiving”. Her character was immediately popular with viewers and she returned for several more episodes, including “Fish in a Drawer” and “Rough Night In Hump Junction”.

Kelly Stables’ portrayal of Alan’s receptionist is unique, as she brings a lighthearted levity to her role that helps to balance out some of the show’s more serious storylines. She also provides comedic relief with her occasional interactions with other characters. For example, in one episode she flirts with Charlie while he is trying to seduce Alan’s divorce lawyer, Laura.

In addition to her presence on Two and a Half Men, Kelly Stables has appeared in other television shows such as The Middle and The Big Bang Theory. She also had a starring role in the Cinemax Comedy Experiment Rap Master Ronnie: A Report Card alongside Jon Cryer and the Smothers Brothers.

Kelly Stables’ portrayal of Alan’s receptionist has becoe an integral part of Two and a Half Men over the past decade, helping to make it one of television’s longest-running sitcoms. Her comedic timing and ability to bring out the best aspects of her co-stars have made her an audience favorite.

Charlie and Alan’s Receptionist’s Sleepover

The episode in whch Charlie sleeps with Alan’s receptionist is Season 3 Episode 10, titled “Crazy-Ex Girlfriend”. In this episode, Charlie tries to seduce Laura, Alan’s divorce lawyer, and her assistant. After a night of drinking and dancing, he eventually succeeds and the two have a one-night stand. They decide not to tell Alan anything since it’s unethical considering that Charlie is a party to the lawsuit.

The episode also focuses on Alan struggling to accept his frmer wife’s new relationship and how he copes with his emotions surrounding it. The episode ends with Charlie accepting responsibility for his actions and apologizing to Alan for sleeping with his receptionist.

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The Actress Who Portrayed Alan Harper’s Receptionist Mother

Kathy Kane played Alan Harper’s receptionist mother in the television series Two and a Half Men. Kane is an American actress, who has appeared on many TV shows and films such as Rap Master Ronnie: A Report Card, alongside Jon Cryer and the Smothers Brothers in 1988.

Did Charlie and Judith Have a Romantic Encounter?

Judith and Charlie did not sleep together. Judith initially dated Candi, who had previously been sleeping with Charlie, but then went on to marry Herb. Alan mentioned once that both women were having same-sex flings, but thee is no indication that Judith and Charlie ever had an intimate relationship.

The Episode in Which Charlie Dies

In the episode “Smiling Friends” of the 2022 TV series, Charlie dies and does not come back. The episode follows the story of Charlie, a beloved family member and friend, who unexpectedly dies. The episode is focused on how his death affects his family and friends as they grapple with their loss and learn to cope without him. It also explores how their relationships with one another evolve in the wake of his passing. Ultimately, it serves as a powerful reminder of how precious life is, and how quickly it can be tken away.

Alan Harper’s Role as Secretary on ‘Two and a Half Men’

Kelly Michelle Stables played Alan’s secretary on Two and a Half Men. Stables portrayed the role of Melissa in 28 episodes from 2011-2015. She was introduced in the season 8 premiere as a replacement for Alan’s previous secretary, Nina. During her time on the show, Melissa bcame romantically involved with Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher. She proved to be trustworthy and loyal to Alan, and often acted as a mediator between him and Walden when they had disagreements.


Kelly Stables is an accomplished and experienced actress who is best known for her role as Alan Harper’s receptionist on the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. She has been in the entertainment industry since 1988, appearing in projects such as Rap Master Ronnie: A Report Card aongside Jon Cryer and the Smothers Brothers. In addition to being an actress, Kelly also serves as a spokesmodel for various companies, such as Paw Patrol and Hasbro Toys. Her friendly demeanor, excellent comedic timing, and ability to play both humorous and serious characters make her a valuable asset to any project.

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