The Unstoppable Accelerator Beaten by Touma!

Today, one of the most powerful espers in Academy City, Accelerator, was defeated by Touma Kamijou in a shocking battle. Accelerator is known for his destructive power and ability to manipulate vectors, making him a formidable opponent. However, Touma was able to land a powerful punch to the face of the mighty esper, rendering him unconscious.

The fight began when Touma intervened in Misaka Imouto’s desperate struggle against Accelerator. Despite Accelerator’s incredible strength and power, Touma managed to deliver a powerful blow that knocked him out cold. During the fight, Accelerator attempted to crush Touma by manipulating his vectors and throwing objects at him. But despite these attempts, he was unable to defeat Touma’s incredible power.

After the fight ended, Accelerator was brought to a certain hospital where Heaven Canceller told Yoshikawa that the bullet fragments in Accelerator’s skull had damaged his computation, mobility and language abilities; effectively crippling him. This defeat serves as a reminder of just how powerful Touma is and how even those with seemingly insurmountable power can still be beaten by sheer determination and skill.

This battle will surely go down as one of the most epic battles in history and will be remembered for many years to come as an exampe of what can happen when one takes on something bigger than themselves for the greater good.

Defeating Accelerator: An Analysis

Accelerator was defeated when a group of powered individuals, led by Last Order and supported by the Sisters, used their abilities to create a powerful lightning attack. This was powerful enough to overwhelm Accelerator’s powers and case him to be hit by shrapnel from the lightning strike. The shrapnel pierced his skull and damaged his computation, mobility, and language abilities. As a result, Accelerator was unable to use his powers and was effectively crippled.

The Mystery of How Touma Beat Accelerator

Touma was able to beat Accelerator by using his signature move, the “Imagine Breaker”, which allowed him to nullify any supernatural ability or power. By striking out his right hand and punching Accelerator’s face, he was able to completely negate all of Accelerator’s abilities, allowing him to beat the powerful villain. The Imagine Breaker also has the ability to restore anything it touches back to its original state, which is why Touma was able to use it in this situation. Additionally, Touma’s own physical strength and combat ability were also key factors in defeating Accelerator.

Can Accelerator Defeat Touma?

It is possible for Accelerator to beat Touma in a fight, as Accelerator has the ability to manipulate vectors and can move objects with his mind. He is also much stronger and faster than Touma. In addition, his ability to manipulate energy means that he can use it to attack or defend against Touma’s physical attacks. However, Touma has an indestructible right hand which can negate the effects of Accelerator’s vector manipulation, meaning he cold potentially block or redirect any attack Accelerator throws at him. Ultimately, the outcome of a fight between these two characters would depend on their specific skillsets and strategies they employ against one another.

Is Accelerator Still the Most Powerful?

Yes, Accelerator is sill the strongest esper in Academy City. He is the only Level 5 in Academy City and has proven his strength against numerous powerful opponents. He has been referred to as the “strongest creature alive” by Aleister Crowley, the leader of Academy City. In addition, it has been shown that he can easily defeat other espers who are on a lower level than him with ease and manipulate any form of vector-based attack or defense. His powers have also allowed him to survive some of the most extreme conditions and fights, such as battles against powerful psychics and even an encounter with an Angel.

Identifying Accelerator’s Weaknesses

Accelerator’s main weakness is that his ability to redirect vectors only works when the attack is coming directly at him; if an attack is pulled away at the exact moment before impact, it will not be redirected and will hit him. Additionally, Kihara Amata has demonstrated that Accelerator’s redirection barrier can be circumvented by manipulating the vector of an attack so that it passes through the barrier without being reversed. Furthermore, Accelerator’s ability requires concentration and any disruption to his concentration or focus can render him vulnerable to attacks.

The Strongest Accelerator: Who Is It?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s strongest particle accelerator. It is located at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland and has been in operation since 2008. The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles alog the way. It has achieved record energies, allowing physicists to probe deeper into the structure of matter.

The LHC can accelerate two beams of protons or heavy ions to nearly the speed of light and then crash them together. This allows physicists to study rare and extremely high-energy phenomena that were previously inaccessible to them. It has also enabled scientists to make discoveries such as the Higgs boson, a particle that gives mass to othr particles, as well as dark matter and antimatter.

In addition to its scientific accomplishments, the LHC is also an impressive feat of engineering; it is capable of producing collisions at over 14 trillion electron volts (TeV), which is more than twice as powerful as any other accelerator in existence today. This makes it an invaluable tool for furthering our understanding of fundamental physics and unlocking many mysteries about the universe we live in.

Is Touma Kamijou Divine?

No, Touma Kamijou is not a god. Although he is ofen referred to as the “God of Pestilence” due to his misfortune-causing right hand, this is merely a nickname given to him by people around him; it does not mean that he has any divine abilities or powers. He is in fact just an ordinary human being with no supernatural powers whatsoever.

Uncovering Touma’s True Power

Touma’s true power is known as Imagine Breaker, or “Illusion Killer”. It is a supernatural ability that allows him to negate all other supernatural powers, including the effects of magical, psychic, and divine powers. This means that he can nullify any kind of supernatural attack directed at him, as well as any other form of power used agaist him. Additionally, it is believed that his Imagine Breaker may even be able to nullify his own good luck and God’s blessing. This makes Touma a formidable opponent in battle against those who use supernatural abilities.

Who Is The Sixth Level 5 Esper?

Aihana Etsu is the sixth ranked Level 5 esper in Academy City. They are referred to as the Number Six and have been shrouded in mystery since their introduction in the series. Aihana Etsu has never been seen or heard from directly, but they are known to have immense power, as they rank among the top five espers in Academy City. Their exact identity and abilities remain unknown, but it is speculated that their powers involve manipulating time or even space-time. It has also been suggested that they may be able to manipulate gravity or even manipulate probability itself. Despite their mysterious nature and powerful abilities, little else is known about Aihana Etsu, leaving them anenigmatic figure within the world of Academy City.

Is Accelerator Reaching Level 6?

At the moment, Accelerator is not at Level 6. According to the Tree Diagram, it would take Accelerator 250 years to reach Level 6 using the current curriculum. However, it is possible that Accelerator could reach Level 6 sooner with a different training program or other methods of acceleration.

Has Accelerator Lost His Powers?

No, Accelerator did not lose his powers. Although his frontal lobe was damaged, his vector manipulation abilities were left intact. This means he can still control and manipulate vectors with his mind, a power he had before the injury. However, because of the damage to his frontal lobe, Accelerator can no longer use verbal commands or make calculations as accurately as before.

Comparing the Power of Goku and Accelerator

The answer to the question of who would win in a fight between Goku and Accelerator depends on the specifics of the scenario. It is likely that Goku would emerge victorious if they were to fight hand-to-hand, as his superhuman strength, speed, and martial arts prowess would be difficult for Accelerator to counter. However, if Accelerator were able to use his power of vector manipulation to redirect Goku’s force back at him, then it is possible that he cold neutralize Goku’s attacks and emerge victorious. Ultimately, the outcome of such a fight would depend on the skill with which each character used their powers.

The Causes of Accelerator’s Descent into Evil

Accelerator became evil as a way of trying to redeem himself and gain a sense of control over his life. He had grown up in an environment of poverty, abuse, and neglect, which had left him feeling powerless and uncertain about his place in the world. As he grew older, he discovered his power as a Level 5 esper and sought out ways to use that power to gain respect from those around him. With no other means available to him, Accelerator chose the path of villainy, believing that by becoming an antagonist he could prove himself as someone worthy of attention. In ding so, he hoped to find acceptance from society and gain the same wholesomeness that Touma had achieved through heroism.

accelerator getting beat

What Is the Real Name of Accelerator?

Accelerator’s real name is currently unknown. All that is known is that his surname consists of two kanji characters and his given name consists of thre kanji characters. He does not reveal this information to anyone, so it remains a mystery.

Accelerator’s Protection of Last Order

Accelerator is protecting Last Order bcause of their special relationship and the fact that, as a result of his actions in the past, he feels responsible for her wellbeing. Last Order was created as part of a project to create artificially-intelligent clones of a certain young girl to be used as weapons. During the events of World War III, Accelerator was tasked with destroying these clones. However, he refused to do so when it came to Last Order, instead choosing to protect her and take responsibility for her wellbeing. As such, despite the many adversaries they face, Accelerator is determined to keep Last Order safe at all costs.


The conclusion of Accelerator getting beaten is a testament to the power of Touma Kamijou’s right hand. Despite his incredible strength and abilities, Accelerator was unable to stand up to the overwhelming force of Touma’s punch. Even when Accelerator used his vectors to manipulate objects around him, Touma was still able to dodge them and land his punch. In the end, it was this resilience and determination that allowed Touma to triumph over Accelerator, proving that he is indeed one of the strongest characters in Academy City.

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