Ward Valley Nuclear Waste Dump Defeated by Tribes

In February, 2011, Cahuilla Bird Singers and Little Mojave Dancers (above) and others celebrated 13 nuclear free years in Ward Valley, as they pray for the land and all life at their annual spring gathering at Ward Valley. Supporters join members of the five Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) on Presidents Weekend each year, as they did during the original occupation 13 years ago, to keep a nuclear waste dump out of the valley that could have contaminated the entire Colorado River system. The river, only 20 miles away, provides drinking water for millions of people in two countries, as well as the 5 Native Nations. Ward Valley is vital in the Creation story of these tribes. Now, yound people who were unborn at that time are learning their traditional songs and dances to keep the culture and sacred spaces alive.

Phillip Smith, Chemhuevi Elder and vital part of the occupation.