Ymir’s Lifelong Suffering Ends with a Sacrifice

Ymir Fritz, the Founder of Titans, met a tragic end that marked the culmination of a life filled with suffering and despair. As her story unfolds, it becomes evident that her existence was far from enjoyable, leading to a fateful decision that would seal her fate forever.

It is believed that Ymir met her demise when she threw herself in the way of an oncoming spear. However, it was not an act of heroism or self-sacrifice to save the king, but rather a desperate attempt to end her own life. This act serves as a somber testament to the depths of her despair.

Ymir’s journey began with her daughters devouring her, bringing about her demise. This gruesome act of cannibalism marked the end of her life as a human and the beginning of her transformation into the Titan progenitor. From that point on, Ymir was forever bound to a cursed existence, plagued by a limited lifespan.

Throughout her time as a Titan, Ymir faced numerous hardships. She was injured while defending the king from an assassination attempt, a selfless act that showcased her loyalty and dedication. However, her suffering did not end there.

Ymir was subsequently used as a weapon by the Eldian King, who exploited her powers to his advantage. In addition to being a tool of war, she was also forced to bear the king’s children, bringing three daughters into the world. This further illustrates the oppressive and dehumanizing nature of her existence.

Ultimately, Ymir met her untimely end at the age of approximately 23, a consequence of the Curse of Ymir. This curse ensured that she would perish exactly 13 years after becoming the Titan progenitor. Her death came as she valiantly attempted to protect the king from assassination, an act of bravery that cost her own life.

The timing of Ymir’s death aligns with the chronology of her capture by the Eldians, highlighting the tragic nature of her existence. Her life was filled with pain, servitude, and exploitation, leaving her with little hope or happiness.

Ymir Fritz’s death serves as a poignant reminder of the tragic circumstances that defined her life. From her transformation into a Titan to her role as a weapon and bearer of the king’s children, her existence was marked by suffering and oppression. Her decision to end her own life signifies the depths of her despair, leaving a legacy that continues to shape the world of Titans.

Why Did Ymir Let Herself Die?

Ymir, a character in the story, made the decision to sacrifice herself by throwing herself in the way of an oncoming spear. There are several possible reasons why Ymir chose this course of action:

1. Escape from a miserable life: Throughout the story, it is evident that Ymir’s life was not enjoyable. The absence of her smile suggests that she may have been dealing with deep sorrow or unhappiness. By sacrificing herself, Ymir may have seen it as a way to escape her troubled existence.

2. Selflessness and protection: It is possible that Ymir’s act of sacrifice was driven by a desire to protect someone else, such as the king. Despite her own personal struggles, Ymir may have felt a sense of duty or loyalty towards the king and chose to give up her life to save him.

3. Lack of hope or purpose: Ymir’s decision to end her life could indicate a lack of hope or a sense of purposelessness. If she saw no future for herself or believed that her life had no meaning, she might have chosen to take matters into her own hands and find some form of release through sacrifice.

4. Desperation or a plea for attention: Ymir’s act of sacrificing herself could also be seen as a desperate plea for attention or recognition. By making such a drastic and dramatic gesture, she may have hoped to be noticed or acknowledged by others, potentially seeking validation or empathy.

It is important to note that the exact reason for Ymir’s decision to let herself die may not be explicitly stated in the story, leaving room for interpretation. The above points provide possible explanations based on the available information.

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How Did The Original Ymir Die?

The original Ymir, also known as the Founder of Titans, met her demise in a rather gruesome manner. She was fatally injured while valiantly trying to protect the king from an assailant who attempted to kill him using a spear. Ymir’s daughters, driven by their primal instincts, ultimately consumed her as a means of survival. This act, while tragic, led to the creation of the Titans, as Ymir’s power and essence were then passed down to her daughters. It is important to note that Ymir’s death played a significant role in shaping the history and mythology of the Titans.

Where Is Ymir Now?

It is important to note that Attack on Titan is a work of fiction, and the story’s progression may vary depending on the medium, such as the manga or anime adaptation. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the whereabouts of Ymir, I recommend referring to the latest chapters of the manga or the episodes of the anime series.

What Was Ymir’s Age When She Died?

Ymir Fritz, the original Titan progenitor, met her demise at the age of approximately 23 years old. This age is determined by the fact that Ymir obtained her Titan powers when she made a deal with the “devil of all Earth” and subsequently became the first Titan Shifter. The Curse of Ymir, which was passed down to all future inheritors of the Nine Titans, dictates that they can live for only 13 years after gaining their powers. Based on this curse, Ymir’s death occurred exactly 13 years after she acquired her Titan abilities.

The timeline of Ymir’s life can be understood by considering her capture by the Eldians. After being captured, Ymir was used as a tool by the Eldian King to build the empire of Eldia. During this time, Ymir served as a slave and her exact age is uncertain. However, it is generally believed that she was in her early teenage years when she was captured.

Following her capture, Ymir’s transformation into a Titan occurred, which ultimately led to her becoming the progenitor of all Titans. This event marked the beginning of the 13-year countdown until her death. It is important to note that Ymir’s death was not a natural one, but rather a sacrifice to protect the Eldian King.

Ymir Fritz died at around 23 years old due to the Curse of Ymir, which limits the lifespan of Titan Shifters to 13 years after acquiring their powers. Her capture and subsequent transformation into a Titan played a significant role in her tragic fate.


Ymir’s death was a tragic event that marked the end of her tumultuous and sorrow-filled life. After being injured while protecting the king, she was manipulated and used as a weapon by the Eldian King, enduring the burden of bearing his children. Despite her immense power and accomplishments, Ymir’s life was marred by pain and suffering. Ultimately, she made the fateful decision to sacrifice herself by throwing herself in the path of an oncoming spear, effectively taking her own life. This act can be seen as a final release from the chains of her oppressive existence. Ymir’s death at the age of 23, due to the Curse of Ymir, further highlights the tragic nature of her story. Her sacrifice and subsequent demise serve as a poignant reminder of the immense sacrifices and hardships endured by individuals caught in the web of power and manipulation.

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