Will defrosting fridge fix it?

Answered by Willie Powers

In most cases, defrosting a fridge can indeed fix the issue of excessive frost buildup. When a fridge has excessive frost, it is often a sign that there is a problem with the automatic defrost system. This system is designed to periodically melt any accumulated frost on the evaporator coils, preventing excessive buildup and ensuring proper cooling.

When the defrost system malfunctions, the frost continues to accumulate and can eventually interfere with the proper functioning of the fridge. This can lead to various issues such as reduced cooling efficiency, poor temperature control, and even complete failure if left untreated.

To fix the problem, it is important to first identify what caused the defrost system to malfunction. There are several common causes, including a faulty defrost timer, a malfunctioning defrost heater, or a defective defrost thermostat. In some cases, it may also be due to a blocked or clogged defrost drain.

Once the cause of the problem is determined, the necessary repairs can be made. This may involve replacing the faulty component, such as the defrost timer or heater, or clearing any blockages in the defrost drain. It is recommended to consult the appliance’s manual or seek professional help for these repairs, especially if you are not familiar with the inner workings of the fridge.

After the repairs have been made, it is important to defrost the fridge to remove the excessive frost buildup. This can be done by unplugging the appliance and leaving the doors open for several hours, or by using a hairdryer to carefully melt the frost. It is important to note that using sharp or pointed objects to remove the frost should be avoided, as it can damage the delicate components of the fridge.

Once the frost has melted, it is advisable to clean the interior of the fridge, including the shelves, drawers, and walls, to remove any remaining moisture. This can help prevent the formation of new frost and ensure the proper functioning of the appliance.

After defrosting and cleaning, it is recommended to allow the fridge to go through a couple of defrost cycles to ensure that the automatic defrost system is working properly. This will help prevent any future frost buildup and ensure that the fridge remains in good working condition.

Defrosting a fridge can often fix the issue of excessive frost buildup. However, it is important to identify and address the underlying cause of the defrost system malfunction to prevent the problem from recurring. By following the appropriate repair steps and allowing the fridge to go through defrost cycles, the excessive frost can be cleared up, restoring the appliance to normal functioning.