Will Apple replace bulging battery?

Answered by Robert Flynn

I recently had a personal experience with Apple and their battery replacement policy, so I can provide some insights into this question.

First of all, it’s important to note that Apple does have a battery replacement program for certain devices. This program allows users to get their battery replaced if it is experiencing issues such as swelling or not holding a charge properly. However, there are some conditions that need to be met for Apple to replace the battery.

One of the main conditions is that the device should be in a condition that allows for proper reassembly after the battery replacement. This means that if the swelling of the battery has caused any damage to the frame or internals of the device, Apple may not be able to just replace the battery. In such cases, they might recommend a complete replacement of the device instead.

I encountered this situation when I took my iPhone to an Apple store for a battery replacement. The battery had started swelling, causing the screen to lift slightly. The Apple technician informed me that they couldn’t just replace the battery because the swelling had caused damage to the internals of the device. They showed me how the frame had been bent slightly due to the pressure from the swollen battery.

In this case, the only remedy Apple offered was to replace the entire device. They explained that this was because they couldn’t guarantee proper reassembly and functionality of the device if they just replaced the battery. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a simple battery replacement, but I understood their reasoning.

It’s worth mentioning that this policy may vary depending on the specific situation and the discretion of the Apple technician. In some cases, they might be able to replace the battery even if there is some minor damage. But if the damage is significant enough to affect the reassembly and functionality of the device, a complete replacement might be the only option.

To summarize, Apple generally does offer battery replacements for devices experiencing swelling or other battery-related issues. However, if the swelling has caused damage to the frame or internals of the device, Apple’s only solution may be to replace the entire device rather than just the battery. It’s always best to visit an Apple store or contact their support for a detailed assessment of your specific situation.