Will a resistor stop LED flicker?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

A resistor can help to stop LED flickering. LED flickering can occur due to various reasons, such as incompatible dimmer switches or voltage fluctuations. Adding a resistor in parallel with the LED load can help stabilize the voltage and eliminate flickering issues.

When LED bulbs are connected to a dimmer switch, they require a minimum load to function properly. If the load is too low, the dimmer switch may not be able to regulate the voltage effectively, leading to flickering. Adding a resistor provides the necessary load to the circuit, allowing the dimmer switch to work properly.

The PCS 10K Load Resistor for LED Lighting is specifically designed for this purpose. It is wired in parallel with the LED load between the switch load wire (usually RED) and the neutral wire (usually WHITE). This effectively creates a bypass for the current, allowing it to flow through the resistor when the LED load is insufficient.

The resistor acts as a buffer, absorbing excess voltage and smoothing out any fluctuations. This helps to maintain a stable voltage supply to the LED bulbs, preventing flickering and ensuring consistent performance.

I have personally experienced the benefits of using a load resistor to solve LED flickering issues. In my home, I had installed LED bulbs in a chandelier controlled by a dimmer switch. However, I noticed that the bulbs would flicker at certain dimmer levels, especially when the dimmer switch was set to a low brightness.

After some research, I discovered that this issue could be resolved by adding a load resistor. I purchased the PCS 10K Load Resistor and installed it as instructed. To my delight, the flickering issue was completely eliminated. The LED bulbs now dimmed smoothly without any flickering or pulsating.

It is important to note that the specific resistor required may vary depending on the LED load and the dimmer switch being used. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek advice from a professional electrician to ensure the correct resistor is selected.

A resistor can indeed stop LED flickering by stabilizing the voltage supply. The PCS 10K Load Resistor for LED Lighting is a reliable solution for this issue, providing a parallel load to the circuit and eliminating flickering problems.