Will a peace lily cutting root in water?

Answered by Tom Adger

A peace lily cutting can root in water. In fact, water propagation is a popular method for propagating peace lilies because it tends to be quicker and allows you to easily monitor the progress of the roots.

To propagate a peace lily cutting in water, you will first need to separate the clump from the mother plant. It’s important to ensure that the cutting has at least a small portion of the stem attached, as this is where the roots will develop from.

Once you have your cutting, find a container or glass that is large enough to hold the cutting and fill it with clean, room temperature water. It’s best to use filtered or distilled water to avoid any potential chemicals or contaminants that may hinder root development.

Place the cutting in the water, making sure that the stem is submerged but the leaves are not. You can use a small weight, such as a stone or a paperclip, to hold the cutting in place if necessary.

Now, find a spot for the container where it will receive bright, indirect sunlight. Peace lilies thrive in well-lit environments, but direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. A windowsill or a table near a window can be ideal.

It’s important to change the water every few days to keep it fresh and prevent the growth of algae or bacteria. When changing the water, take the opportunity to inspect the cutting and make sure it’s healthy. Look for any signs of rot or discoloration, and remove any leaves that have started to wilt or decay.

After a few weeks, you should start to see the development of roots. Initially, they may appear as small white bumps or nodes along the stem. Over time, these bumps will grow into longer, more pronounced roots.

Once the roots are a few inches long and look healthy, you can consider transferring the cutting into soil. This can be done by gently removing the cutting from the water and planting it in a pot filled with well-draining potting mix. Be careful not to damage the delicate roots during this process.

Keep the newly potted cutting in a warm and humid environment to promote further root growth and overall plant development. Mist the leaves regularly or place the pot on a tray filled with water and pebbles to increase humidity.

It’s worth noting that not all peace lily cuttings will successfully root in water. Some may fail to develop roots or may develop weak, unhealthy roots. However, water propagation is still a popular method due to its higher success rate compared to other methods.

Propagating a peace lily cutting in water can be a successful method if done correctly. It allows for quicker root development and easier monitoring of the progress. Just ensure that the cutting has a portion of the stem attached, use clean water, provide adequate sunlight, and change the water regularly.