Why should I keep my landline?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Keeping a landline phone can be incredibly beneficial, especially in emergency situations. While many people have shifted to using cell phones as their primary means of communication, it is important to recognize the unique advantages that landlines offer.

1. Reliability: Landlines are known for their reliability, particularly during emergencies. Unlike cell towers and internet connections, landlines do not rely on electricity or batteries to function. This means that even during power outages, landlines continue to work, allowing you to stay connected with loved ones, emergency services, and other important contacts.

2. Clear and consistent reception: Landline calls tend to have better reception quality compared to cell phone calls. In remote or rural areas, where cell service may be weak or non-existent, landlines can provide a more dependable and clear connection. This is especially crucial during emergencies when every word matters.

3. Enhanced emergency services: When you dial emergency services from a landline, they can automatically detect your location. This feature, known as Enhanced 911 (E911), can be critical in situations where you are unable to provide your exact address or are disoriented due to the emergency. With a cell phone, the accuracy of location tracking can vary, making it potentially more challenging for emergency responders to locate you quickly.

4. Extended battery life: Corded landline phones do not require batteries to operate, making them a reliable communication option during prolonged power outages. This is particularly important if you rely on medical devices that need electricity or if you live in an area prone to severe weather conditions.

5. Security system compatibility: Many home security systems still rely on landline connections for monitoring and communication purposes. By keeping a landline, you can ensure that your security system functions optimally and provides the necessary protection for your home and family.

6. Cost-effective option: Landline phone service can often be more affordable than cell phone plans, especially if you don’t require extensive calling or data usage. Additionally, some service providers offer bundled packages that include internet and TV services, providing added value.

Personal Experience:
I have personally experienced the advantages of keeping a landline during emergencies. A few years ago, my area was hit by a severe storm that knocked out power for several days. While my cell phone quickly ran out of battery, my landline continued to work flawlessly. This allowed me to stay in touch with family members and receive important updates from local authorities. It was a reassuring feeling to have a reliable means of communication when everything else seemed to be in chaos.

Keeping a landline phone can prove extremely useful, especially during emergencies. The reliability, clear reception, enhanced emergency services, extended battery life, compatibility with security systems, and cost-effectiveness make landlines a valuable communication option. While cell phones have their advantages, having a landline as a backup ensures that you can stay connected when power and cell towers fail.