Why is there pseudoscorpions in my house?

Answered by Willie Powers

Pseudoscorpions can be found in homes for a few reasons. One common reason is that they are often brought into houses inadvertently. They are tiny creatures, usually less than 5mm in length, and can easily hitch a ride on objects like books or other items that are brought into the house. Once inside, they can find suitable habitats to live and reproduce.

These creatures are often found in areas where they can find food and moisture. Dusty books full of mites provide a food source for pseudoscorpions, as they prey on small insects and arthropods. So, if your home has a collection of books that haven’t been moved or cleaned in a while, it’s possible that pseudoscorpions have found their way into them.

Damp areas in the house, such as basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, are also attractive to pseudoscorpions. These areas often have higher humidity levels, providing the moisture that pseudoscorpions need to survive. Additionally, these areas may have more insects or other small arthropods for them to feed on.

Pseudoscorpions are also commonly found around drains in the house. This is because drains can provide a constant source of moisture, and they may also attract small insects or arthropods that the pseudoscorpions can prey upon.

Another interesting behavior of pseudoscorpions is their ability to create cocoons. During cold weather, or while mating or molting, pseudoscorpions will spin silk from a gland in their jaws to create disk-shaped cocoons. These cocoons provide them with protection and a stable environment during these times.

Pseudoscorpions can be found in homes due to accidental transportation on objects, their preference for damp areas with food sources, and their ability to create cocoons for protection. If you are finding pseudoscorpions in your house, it may be worth checking for areas with high humidity or dampness, as well as areas with a buildup of dust or insects.