Why is Sizzlipede so rare?

Answered by Tom Adger

Sizzlipede, despite not being a super rare Pokémon in general, can indeed be quite elusive to find in the wild. This is due to a combination of factors that contribute to its rarity.

1. Limited Habitat: Sizzlipede can only be found in specific areas, limiting its overall population and availability. In the Galar region, it can be encountered in the overworld on Route 3. However, even within this area, Sizzlipede’s appearance is quite uncommon, with only a 1% chance of spawning. This scarcity makes it challenging for trainers to come across one during their journey.

2. Low Encounter Rate: The 1% spawn rate for Sizzlipede means that for every 100 Pokémon encountered in Route 3, only one of them will be a Sizzlipede. This low encounter rate makes it a time-consuming task to find and catch this Pokémon unless you are incredibly lucky. Many trainers may spend hours searching for a Sizzlipede without any success.

3. Competition with Other Pokémon: Route 3 is home to various Pokémon species, and Sizzlipede faces competition from these other Pokémon for encounters. With a diverse range of Pokémon to encounter, the chances of encountering a Sizzlipede become even slimmer. Trainers may find themselves encountering different Pokémon repeatedly, making it a frustrating and challenging task to find a Sizzlipede.

4. Exclusive Gym Trial Encounter: Additionally, Sizzlipede can be obtained during Kubo’s gym trial, which further reduces the need to find it in the wild. Trainers who successfully complete the trial will have the opportunity to catch a Sizzlipede as part of the trial’s reward. This availability through the gym trial lessens the motivation for trainers to spend significant time searching for it in the wild.

Sizzlipede’s rarity can be attributed to its limited habitat, low encounter rate, competition with other Pokémon on Route 3, and the availability of catching it during Kubo’s gym trial. These factors contribute to the difficulty and time-consuming nature of finding a Sizzlipede in the wild, making it a sought-after Pokémon for trainers who are determined to complete their Pokédex or add it to their team.