Why is Paimon in third person?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Paimon being in third person can be seen as a stylistic choice made by the developers at miHoYo. It adds a unique and playful element to the character and sets Paimon apart from the other characters in the game.

By speaking in third person, Paimon’s dialogue becomes more distinct and memorable. It adds a touch of whimsy and quirkiness to her personality, making her stand out in the player’s interactions with the world of Genshin Impact. Paimon’s over-talkative and over-explaining nature, combined with her use of third person, creates a character that is both endearing and entertaining.

The decision to have Paimon speak in third person could also be attributed to cultural influences. In Japanese media, it is not uncommon for certain characters to refer to themselves in third person, which is known as “illeism.” This linguistic device can be used to suggest a character’s childlike innocence, cuteness, or even to highlight their eccentricity.

While Paimon’s use of third person may seem unusual to some players, it ultimately adds to the overall charm and distinctiveness of her character. It helps to create a memorable and unique experience for players as they journey through the world of Teyvat.