Why is my MacBook air charging port not working?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

There could be several reasons why your MacBook Air charging port is not working. Let’s explore some potential causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

1. Check the power outlet: Start by ensuring that the power outlet you are using is functioning correctly. Plug in another device to confirm if it is receiving power. If the outlet is not working, try a different one.

2. Connect the USB-C power adapter: Once you have confirmed the power outlet is working, connect your USB-C power adapter to your MacBook Air. Make sure it is securely plugged into both the power adapter and your Mac.

3. Attempt to charge your Mac: After connecting the power adapter, check if your Mac is charging. Look for the charging indicator on your screen or the battery icon in the menu bar. If your Mac is still not charging, proceed to the next step.

4. Shut down and close the display: Shut down your Mac by going to the Apple menu and selecting “Shut Down.” Once it is powered off, close the display for about 30 seconds.

5. Open the display and try charging again: After the brief pause, open the display and connect the power adapter once more. Check if your Mac starts charging now. Sometimes, a simple reset like this can resolve charging issues.

6. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC): If you are not using a Mac with Apple silicon (M1 chip), resetting the SMC might help. The SMC controls various hardware functions, including power management. The process to reset the SMC varies depending on your Mac model, so refer to Apple’s support website for detailed instructions specific to your device.

7. Seek professional assistance: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it is advisable to reach out to an authorized Apple service provider or Apple Support for further assistance. They can diagnose and address any hardware-related problems with your MacBook Air’s charging port.

It’s important to note that the charging port itself may be faulty or damaged. If that’s the case, a professional repair might be necessary to fix the problem. Remember to back up your important data before seeking any repairs.

If your MacBook Air charging port is not working, start by checking the power outlet and connecting the USB-C power adapter. Try shutting down your Mac, closing the display, and then reopening it to attempt charging again. If you’re not using a Mac with Apple silicon, resetting the SMC could help. If the issue persists, consider seeking professional assistance.