Why is Mexican lager different?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Mexican lagers are different from their Austrian counterparts for a few reasons. First and foremost, Mexican brewers often add Munich and Crystal malt to their recipes. These specialty malts add a deeper, richer flavor to the beer and contribute to its darker color. In contrast, traditional Vienna lagers from Austria typically use Vienna malt, which gives a lighter and more delicate flavor profile.

Another characteristic that sets Mexican lagers apart is the use of flaked corn. This ingredient lightens the body of the beer and adds a touch of sweetness. It also contributes to a smooth and crisp mouthfeel, which is highly desirable in Mexican lagers. The addition of corn is not common in Austrian Vienna lagers, as they tend to focus more on showcasing the malt flavors without the added sweetness.

Additionally, Mexican brewers may use different yeast strains compared to Austrian brewers. Yeast plays a crucial role in the fermentation process and can greatly influence the flavor profile of the beer. Mexican lager yeast strains can impart a clean and slightly fruity character, which adds to the overall refreshing nature of the beer.

The climate and drinking culture in Mexico also play a role in shaping the characteristics of Mexican lagers. These beers are often enjoyed in warm weather and paired with spicy foods. Therefore, Mexican brewers may intentionally create lagers that are lighter and more refreshing to complement the cuisine and provide relief from the heat. This is not to say that Austrian Vienna lagers cannot be enjoyed in similar settings, but the flavor profiles of Mexican lagers are often tailored to suit the local preferences and culinary traditions.

Mexican lagers differ from Austrian Vienna lagers due to the use of Munich and Crystal malt, flaked corn, specific yeast strains, and considerations for the local climate and cuisine. These factors contribute to a slightly darker and sweeter profile, as well as a lighter body and crispness. Mexican lagers offer a unique and enjoyable drinking experience that reflects the cultural preferences and traditions of Mexico.