Why is it called puppy love?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Puppy love is called as such because it is believed to resemble the affectionate and adoring behavior exhibited by puppies. Just like puppies, who are known for their unconditional love and devotion, individuals experiencing puppy love often feel intense and infatuating emotions towards someone they are attracted to, typically during childhood and early adolescence.

The term “puppy love” suggests a kind of innocent and naive love that is not yet fully mature or developed. Much like how puppies are still young and learning about the world, individuals experiencing puppy love are often in the early stages of understanding romantic feelings and relationships.

The comparison to puppies also highlights the idea of adoration and idolization that is often associated with puppy love. Puppies are known for their boundless energy and excitement when they see their owners, showering them with love and affection. Similarly, individuals experiencing puppy love may idolize and put their crush on a pedestal, viewing them with a sense of awe and admiration.

Furthermore, puppies are known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners. They often display unwavering affection and a desire to please. In the context of puppy love, this loyalty and devotion can translate into the intense desire to be close to and impress the object of one’s affection. It is not uncommon for individuals experiencing puppy love to go to great lengths to gain the attention and approval of their crush.

The term “puppy love” also implies a sense of innocence and naivety. Just as puppies are not yet fully aware of the complexities of the world, individuals in the throes of puppy love may not fully understand the intricacies of romantic relationships. This can lead to idealized notions of love and a lack of understanding of the challenges and complexities that come with mature relationships.

Personal experiences with puppy love can vary greatly. Some may recall their first crush and the intense emotions they felt towards that person. These experiences often involve daydreaming, blushing, and a general preoccupation with the object of affection. Others may remember the bittersweet feeling of unrequited puppy love, where the affection and adoration were not reciprocated.

Puppy love is called as such because it resembles the adoring and affectionate behavior displayed by puppies. The term captures the innocent and naive nature of this type of love, as well as the intense adoration and idolization individuals often feel towards their crush. While puppy love may not be a lasting or mature form of love, it is a significant part of many people’s early experiences with romance and relationships.