Why is Gale upset with Madge?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Gale’s anger towards Madge Undersee stems from a deep-rooted sense of injustice and inequality. Madge, being from a wealthy family in District 12, does not have to face the same hardships and struggles that Gale and the majority of the district’s residents do on a daily basis. This stark contrast in their living conditions and opportunities creates a sense of resentment and frustration within Gale.

Firstly, Gale is upset because Madge’s wealth affords her certain privileges and advantages that he and others in District 12 do not have access to. In a district where poverty and scarcity are the norm, Madge’s affluent background allows her to live a more comfortable and secure life. She does not have to worry about basic necessities like food, shelter, or clothing, unlike Gale and his family. This disparity in their circumstances highlights the unfairness of the Capitol’s control over the districts and fuels Gale’s anger.

Furthermore, Madge’s comment about wanting to look her best if she gets reaped for the Hunger Games demonstrates a lack of understanding and empathy towards the struggles faced by the less fortunate in District 12. The Hunger Games is a brutal event where children are forced to fight to the death as a form of entertainment for the Capitol. For Gale, who has witnessed the devastating impact of the Games firsthand and lost loved ones to them, Madge’s concern for her appearance in such a life-or-death situation feels shallow and insensitive.

Gale’s anger towards Madge is also likely fueled by his own experiences and frustrations. As someone who actively resists the oppressive rule of the Capitol and fights for the rights of the people in District 12, Gale is constantly reminded of the stark contrast between the privileged few, like Madge, and the struggling majority. This constant reminder of the inequality and injustice fuels his anger and drives his determination to fight for a better future.

Gale’s anger towards Madge Undersee stems from a combination of her privileged background, her lack of understanding and empathy towards the struggles of District 12, and his own experiences and frustrations with the oppressive system they live under. The stark contrast between their lives and opportunities highlights the unfairness and inequality that Gale, and many others in District 12, face on a daily basis.