Why is Apple Watch always on?

Answered by John Hunt

The Apple Watch Series 5 and later models, including the Apple Watch Ultra, come with a feature called Always On. This feature is turned on by default, and it allows the time to be always visible on the watch face or the most recent active app.

The main reason behind the Always On feature is to provide users with convenient and quick access to the time without having to raise their wrist or tap the display. This can be particularly useful in situations where it may be inconvenient or not possible to interact with the watch directly, such as when you’re in a meeting, exercising, or simply have your hands full.

By keeping the time always visible, Apple aims to enhance the overall user experience and make the Apple Watch more intuitive and convenient to use. With Always On, you can simply glance at your wrist to check the time, just like you would with a traditional watch.

The Always On feature is made possible by the advancements in the display technology used in the Apple Watch Series 5 and later models. These watches feature a low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display (LTPO), which is designed to be power-efficient while still delivering an excellent viewing experience.

The LTPO display dynamically adjusts the refresh rate based on the user’s activity and the content being displayed. When you’re actively using the watch or looking at the watch face, the display operates at its full refresh rate for a smooth and responsive experience. However, when the watch is idle or not in use, the refresh rate is lowered to conserve power while still keeping the time visible.

Apple has also implemented various techniques to optimize power efficiency without compromising the user experience. For example, the display brightness is automatically adjusted based on ambient light conditions. This ensures that the time is always visible, even in different lighting environments, while also conserving battery life.

It’s worth noting that the Always On feature may have a slight impact on battery life compared to previous Apple Watch models without this feature. However, Apple has designed the watch to intelligently manage power consumption, and the overall battery life remains impressive.

In my personal experience, the Always On feature has been incredibly convenient. I no longer have to lift my wrist or tap the screen just to check the time. Whether I’m in a meeting, at the gym, or simply busy with my hands full, I can easily glance at my Apple Watch and see the time without any extra effort.

The Always On feature on Apple Watch Series 5 and later models is a great addition that enhances the usability and convenience of the watch. It allows for quick and effortless access to the time, making it a valuable tool in our daily lives.