Why is a Vegas bomb called a Vegas bomb?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

The Vegas Bomb is called a Vegas Bomb because it was inspired by the casino culture of Las Vegas. The original shot, the Royal Flush, is also named after a poker hand. The creators of the Vegas Bomb wanted to keep with the theme and create a cocktail that was reminiscent of the excitement and energy of Las Vegas.

The name “Vegas Bomb” also adds a sense of playfulness and intrigue to the cocktail. It invokes images of a bomb dropping into a glass, creating a burst of flavor and enjoyment. This name helps to create a memorable and attention-grabbing drink that stands out among other cocktails.

Furthermore, the Vegas Bomb is typically served by dropping a shot glass containing Crown Royal and peach schnapps into a glass of Red Bull. This act of dropping the shot glass into the glass of energy drink mimics the action of a bomb dropping, adding to the allure and excitement of the cocktail.

The choice of ingredients in the Vegas Bomb also contributes to the name. Crown Royal, a Canadian whisky, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the cocktail, aligning with the opulence often associated with Las Vegas. The addition of peach schnapps brings a fruity and sweet element to balance the flavors.

The Vegas Bomb is called a Vegas Bomb because it pays homage to the casino culture of Las Vegas, evokes a sense of excitement and playfulness, and incorporates ingredients that are associated with luxury and indulgence. The name and concept of dropping a shot into a glass also add an element of surprise and entertainment to the drinking experience.