Why does the Bauer Nexus ADV have a hole?

Answered by Jason Smith

The Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick features a hole in the blade, which is part of the innovative Slingtech Technology. This hole serves a specific purpose in enhancing the performance and playability of the stick. Let’s delve deeper into why the Bauer Nexus ADV has a hole and how it contributes to the overall gameplay.

1. Slingtech Technology:
The primary reason for the hole in the blade of the Bauer Nexus ADV is the implementation of Slingtech Technology. This technology aims to create a slingshot effect when releasing the puck, providing players with improved shot accuracy and power. By incorporating this innovative feature, Bauer aims to revolutionize the way players shoot and handle the puck.

2. Enhanced Puck Feel:
The hole in the blade allows for enhanced puck feel and control. When receiving a pass or stickhandling, the hole acts as a sensory feedback mechanism, allowing players to have a better sense of the puck’s position on their stick. This improved feel translates into better puck control and maneuverability on the ice.

3. Reduced Weight:
Integrating a hole in the blade also helps reduce the overall weight of the stick. By removing material from the blade, Bauer can redistribute the weight to other areas, such as the shaft, resulting in a more balanced stick. This weight reduction can enhance a player’s swing speed, making their shots faster and more powerful.

4. Increased Flexibility:
The hole in the blade adds an element of flexibility to the stick. This flexibility allows for a quicker release of the puck, as the blade can snap back into its original position with less resistance. The increased flex also assists in generating more power behind shots, as it stores and releases energy more efficiently.

5. Improved Shot Accuracy:
The slingshot effect created by the hole in the blade helps improve shot accuracy. As the puck is released with increased speed and precision, players have better control over where the shot goes. This can be particularly advantageous when aiming for tight spaces or trying to hit specific targets on the net.

6. Adaptability to Different Play Styles:
The Bauer Nexus ADV’s hole in the blade makes it suitable for various playing styles. Whether a player prefers a quick release, relies on wrist shots, or favors powerful slap shots, the slingshot effect provided by the Slingtech Technology can cater to their individual needs. This adaptability enhances a player’s overall performance on the ice.

The hole in the blade of the Bauer Nexus ADV is a result of the Slingtech Technology implemented by Bauer. This innovative design element offers multiple benefits, including improved puck feel, reduced weight, increased flexibility, enhanced shot accuracy, and adaptability to different playing styles. By incorporating this revolutionary feature, Bauer aims to provide players with a stick that elevates their game and helps them reach their full potential on the ice.