Why does my iPhone alarm keep going off?

Answered by Tom Adger

The reason why your iPhone alarm keeps going off could be due to a couple of factors. One possibility is that you have set multiple alarms on your iPhone, and you might not be turning off all of them when you want to disable the alarm. It’s important to note that the iPhone allows you to set multiple alarms, so if you have set more than one, you need to make sure to turn off all of them to prevent the alarm from going off.

Another factor that could be causing your iPhone alarm to keep going off is the Bedtime feature. The Bedtime feature is a part of the Clock app on iPhones, which allows you to set a specific time to wake up and go to bed. When you set a bedtime and an alarm time using the Bedtime feature, the iPhone will automatically adjust the alarm volume and give you a gentle wake-up sound to help you start your day in a more calm manner.

However, if you have set both a regular alarm and the Bedtime feature alarm, turning off just the regular alarm will not disable the Bedtime feature alarm. This means that even if you turn off the regular alarm, the Bedtime feature alarm will still go off at the set time.

To disable the Bedtime feature alarm, you will need to go into the Clock app and adjust your bedtime settings. You can do this by opening the Clock app, tapping on the Bedtime tab at the bottom, and then adjusting the bedtime and wake up time by tapping on the “Edit” button. From there, you can turn off the Bedtime feature by toggling off the “Bedtime Schedule” switch.

It’s important to note that the Bedtime feature is designed to help you maintain a consistent sleep schedule, so if you find it useful, you can continue using it. However, if you prefer to only use the regular alarm, make sure to disable the Bedtime feature alarm to avoid any confusion or multiple alarms going off.

If your iPhone alarm keeps going off, it could be due to multiple alarms being set or the Bedtime feature being enabled. To prevent this, make sure to turn off all alarms and adjust the Bedtime feature settings accordingly.