Why does Lilith want Sabrina?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Lilith, also known as Miss Wardwell, has a sinister agenda when it comes to Sabrina. In the season one finale of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” it is revealed that Lilith is not just an ordinary witch, but the mother of demons and Satan’s concubine. Her ultimate goal is to become the queen of Hell, and she sees Sabrina as the key to achieving that.

One possible reason why Lilith wants Sabrina so badly is because of her unique lineage. Sabrina is the daughter of a mortal mother and a warlock father, making her a half-breed with immense power. Lilith likely believes that by grooming Sabrina and guiding her towards embracing her dark side, she can utilize the young witch’s potential to overthrow Satan and claim the throne of Hell for herself.

Another reason could be that Lilith sees Sabrina as a threat. As Sabrina becomes more aware of her heritage and powers, she becomes a formidable force that could challenge Lilith’s position. By bringing Sabrina to her side and corrupting her, Lilith hopes to eliminate any potential opposition and solidify her own power.

Furthermore, Lilith may also be drawn to Sabrina’s rebellious nature and strong sense of justice. Sabrina has consistently shown a willingness to challenge authority and fight for what she believes is right. This makes her an ideal candidate to be molded into the queen of Hell, as Lilith can manipulate her desire for justice and power to further her own agenda.

It’s important to note that Lilith’s motivations may not be solely based on power and control. Throughout the series, she has shown a twisted sense of loyalty and devotion to Satan. By grooming Sabrina to become the queen of Hell, Lilith may also believe that she is fulfilling her duty to serve and honor Satan.

Lilith’s desire for Sabrina stems from her ambition to become the queen of Hell and her belief that Sabrina’s unique lineage and potential can help her achieve that goal. By corrupting and manipulating Sabrina, Lilith hopes to eliminate any threats to her power and ultimately take control of Hell.