Why does Instagram say I’m following someone I unfollowed?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

There can be several reasons why Instagram might still show that you are following someone even after you have unfollowed them. Let’s explore some of these reasons:

1. Network Issues: As mentioned earlier, network issues can be a common cause for this discrepancy. When you unfollow someone, Instagram sends a request to their servers to update your following status. However, if there is a problem with your internet connection or if the request doesn’t reach Instagram’s servers successfully, it may not register the unfollow action. In such cases, Instagram will continue to show that you are following the person.

2. App Glitches: Instagram, like any other app, can experience glitches or bugs from time to time. These technical issues can cause inconsistencies in the app’s functionality. So, even if you have successfully unfollowed someone, the app may fail to reflect this change due to a glitch. It’s worth noting that Instagram regularly updates its app to fix bugs and improve performance, so keeping your app up to date may help resolve such issues.

3. Synchronization Delays: Instagram operates on a vast network of servers that handle millions of requests every second. Sometimes, there can be delays in the synchronization process between these servers. So, when you unfollow someone, it may take some time for all the servers to update and reflect this change. During this synchronization delay, you may still see the person listed as “Following” even if you have actually unfollowed them.

4. Caching: Caching is a mechanism used by apps and websites to store temporary data to enhance performance. Instagram also utilizes caching to optimize the user experience. When you view someone’s profile, their information, including your following status, may get temporarily stored in the cache on your device. This cached data can sometimes cause Instagram to display outdated information, making it appear as if you are still following someone even after you have unfollowed them. Clearing the app cache or restarting the app can help resolve this issue.

5. User Error: Although less common, it’s also possible that you may have unintentionally unfollowed and followed the same person again without realizing it. This can happen if you accidentally tap the follow button while browsing through someone’s profile. Double-checking your following status and ensuring that you haven’t accidentally refollowed someone can help rule out this possibility.

Instagram may still show that you are following someone you have unfollowed due to network issues, app glitches, synchronization delays, caching, or even user error. If you encounter this issue, it’s best to retry the unfollow action, ensure your app is up to date, and give it some time to synchronize. If the problem persists, reaching out to Instagram’s support team for further assistance may be helpful.