Why does DeviantArt say my email is invalid?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

This statement means that there is software being used to create a large number of DeviantArt profiles using an email provider. The purpose of these profiles is to engage in unauthorized advertising and similar activities on the platform. This is often seen with email providers that offer temporary or disposable email addresses.

DeviantArt, like many online platforms, has measures in place to prevent spam, unauthorized advertising, and other unwanted activities. One of these measures is to validate the email addresses used during the registration process. When the software mentioned above uses an email provider that specializes in temporary or disposable email addresses, DeviantArt may flag those email addresses as invalid or suspicious.

Temporary or disposable email addresses are often used by individuals or automated systems that want to create accounts quickly and without providing accurate or traceable information. These accounts are then used for various purposes like spamming, phishing, or spreading unauthorized advertisements. To combat these activities, DeviantArt and other platforms implement measures to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of email addresses during the registration process.

By flagging email addresses from certain providers as invalid, DeviantArt aims to prevent the creation of accounts that are likely to engage in unauthorized activities. This helps maintain the quality and integrity of the platform, ensuring that users have a positive experience and can trust the content they encounter on DeviantArt.

If you are experiencing issues with registering your email address on DeviantArt and receiving a message stating that it is invalid, it is possible that your email provider falls under the category mentioned above. In such cases, you may need to use a different email address from a more reputable provider to successfully register on the platform. By doing so, you can ensure that your account is genuine and not associated with any suspicious activities.

It is important for online platforms like DeviantArt to take measures against unauthorized advertising and spam to protect their users and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment. By being vigilant and using reliable email providers, both DeviantArt and its users can work together to combat these issues and foster a positive online community.