Why do we celebrate love month?

Answered by Willie Powers

There are several reasons why we celebrate love month, specifically in February. One of the main reasons is the historical association of this month with love and romance. The origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to ancient Roman times when a pagan fertility festival known as Lupercalia was celebrated in mid-February. This festival was a time of purification and fertility rites, where young men would strip naked and run through the streets, gently striking women with thongs made from the skins of sacrificed animals.

However, the Catholic Church sought to Christianize this pagan festival and eliminate its more licentious practices. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I abolished Lupercalia and proclaimed February 14th as Saint Valentine’s Day, thus establishing this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints. The exact origins of Saint Valentine are unclear, as there were several martyrs named Valentine in the early Christian church. Nevertheless, the association with love and romance began to take hold.

It was in the Middle Ages that the poet Geoffrey Chaucer first linked St. Valentine with romantic love. In his poem “Parliament of Foules,” Chaucer wrote about birds choosing their mates on Valentine’s Day, thus creating a connection between the saint and romantic love. This idea caught on, and soon Valentine’s Day became associated with expressing affection and love for one’s romantic partner.

Over time, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a widely celebrated holiday, not only among Catholics but also among people of various faiths and cultures. It has become a day to express love and affection for not only romantic partners but also friends and family members. The exchange of greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts has become a common practice during this month.

Furthermore, the month of February itself holds symbolic significance when it comes to love and relationships. It is often referred to as the “month of love” because it is believed to be a time when feelings of affection and romance are heightened. This may be due to the cold winter weather, which encourages people to seek warmth and connection with others. Additionally, February is also the shortest month, which may contribute to the sense of urgency to express love and make the most of the time available.

We celebrate love month in February primarily due to the historical association of Valentine’s Day with love and romance. The Catholic Church’s decision to establish this feast day and the subsequent literary works that linked St. Valentine with romantic love have contributed to the widespread celebration of love during this month. Additionally, the symbolic significance of February as a time of heightened affection and the desire to seek warmth and connection further supports the celebration of love during this month.