Why do some gamertags have hashtags?

Answered by Tom Adger

Some gamertags have hashtags because they are not unique and have already been chosen by other players. In order to allow multiple players to use the same gamertag, a system of adding hashtags and numbers has been implemented. This way, players can still use their desired gamertag, but with a unique identifier attached to it.

The reason for this is that gamertags serve as unique identifiers for each player in online gaming communities. They allow players to be easily recognized and distinguished from one another. However, with millions of players participating in online gaming, it is inevitable that some gamertags will be duplicated.

To address this issue, game developers have implemented a system where if a player chooses a gamertag that is already taken, they can still use it but with a hashtag-number combination added to the end. This helps differentiate between players with the same gamertag and ensures that each player has a unique identifier.

The addition of hashtags and numbers is done in a discreet manner, similar to how Battle.net handles them on PC. This means that the added identifier is not prominently displayed and does not interfere with the overall appearance of the gamertag. It is usually displayed as a small number following the gamertag, often within parentheses or separated by a hashtag symbol.

It’s important to note that this system only applies to players who choose a gamertag that is already taken. If a player’s existing gamertag is unique and not chosen by anyone else, they do not need to take any action to keep it that way. Their gamertag will remain unchanged and exclusive to them.

The use of hashtags and numbers in gamertags is a practical solution to ensure that players can still use their desired names even if they are not available. It helps maintain the uniqueness of each player’s identity while allowing for a larger player base and avoiding confusion among players with similar gamertags.

The existence of hashtags in gamertags is a result of the need to accommodate multiple players wanting to use the same name. It is a practical solution implemented by game developers to maintain the uniqueness and distinction of each player’s identity in online gaming communities.