Why do pro gamers play on low sensitivity?

Answered by Tom Adger

Pro gamers often play on lower sensitivity settings in Valorant because it allows for greater precision and control in their aim. The wrist, although agile, is not as accurate as using the entire arm for aiming. By lowering the sensitivity, players are able to utilize their whole arm and make more extensive and comfortable strokes, leading to higher accuracy in their shots.

One of the main reasons pro gamers opt for lower sensitivity is to minimize the reliance on wrist movements alone. The wrist is more prone to small involuntary movements, which can result in a less steady aim. By involving the entire arm in the aiming process, players can achieve smoother and more controlled movements, leading to more consistent shots.

Lower sensitivity settings also provide a larger margin for error when it comes to fine adjustments. In intense gameplay situations, where split-second decisions are crucial, having a lower sensitivity allows players to make more deliberate and precise adjustments to their aim. This can be particularly advantageous during long-range engagements or when tracking fast-moving targets.

Another benefit of playing on lower sensitivity is improved muscle memory. Pro gamers spend countless hours practicing and honing their skills. By using lower sensitivity settings consistently, they develop muscle memory that is specifically attuned to those settings. This muscle memory allows them to perform precise flick shots and quick adjustments without actively thinking about it, giving them a significant advantage in high-pressure situations.

Personal experience has shown me the benefits of lower sensitivity in competitive gaming. When I first started playing Valorant, I had a higher sensitivity that relied heavily on wrist movements. While it initially felt more responsive, I quickly realized that my aim was inconsistent and prone to overcompensation. Switching to a lower sensitivity allowed me to use my entire arm and make more deliberate movements, resulting in improved accuracy and overall performance.

Pro gamers choose lower sensitivity settings in Valorant to maximize their aim precision, minimize reliance on the wrist alone, and to improve their muscle memory. By utilizing the whole arm, players can make more extensive and comfortable strokes, leading to higher accuracy and more consistent shots. While sensitivity preferences may vary among individuals, the advantages of playing on lower sensitivity are widely recognized in the competitive gaming community.