Why do people unfollow on Instagram?

Answered by Willian Lymon

There are several reasons why people unfollow others on Instagram. While some may unfollow due to personal reasons, such as a disagreement or falling out, there are common trends and behaviors that lead to unfollowing on the platform. Here are a few main reasons why people choose to unfollow others:

1. Irrelevant or Uninteresting Content: One of the primary reasons for unfollowing someone on Instagram is when their content becomes irrelevant or uninteresting to the viewer. Instagram is a visual platform where people share photos and videos, and if someone consistently posts content that doesn’t resonate with their followers, they may choose to unfollow in order to declutter their feed and make room for more engaging content.

2. Over-promotion or Excessive Advertising: Another reason people unfollow on Instagram is when they feel bombarded with excessive promotional or advertising content. While it’s understandable that individuals and businesses may use Instagram to promote their products or services, if the majority of their posts are solely focused on sales pitches, it can become tiresome for followers. People prefer a balance between promotional and authentic content, so when this balance is skewed, followers may choose to unfollow.

3. Inauthenticity or Misrepresentation: Instagram is often used to showcase a curated version of one’s life, but when that curated image becomes inauthentic or misleading, it can lead to unfollows. People appreciate honesty and transparency, so if someone consistently portrays a false image or misrepresents themselves, it can break the trust of their followers, resulting in unfollows.

4. Offensive or Controversial Behavior: If someone consistently posts offensive or controversial content, it can lead to unfollows. Instagram is a platform where people want to feel safe and comfortable, so when someone consistently posts content that goes against their values or beliefs, they may choose to unfollow in order to protect their own mental well-being.

5. Lack of Engagement or Interaction: Instagram is a social platform, and people often crave interaction and engagement with others. If someone consistently ignores comments, direct messages, or fails to engage with their followers, it can create a sense of disconnection and lead to unfollows. People want to feel valued and appreciated, so when they don’t receive any form of acknowledgment or interaction from someone they follow, they may choose to unfollow and seek connections elsewhere.

6. Follow and Unfollow Schemes: As mentioned earlier, there are instances where people engage in follow and unfollow schemes to boost their own follower count. This behavior can be seen as dishonest and manipulative, as it focuses solely on self-gain rather than genuine interest in other people’s content. When someone realizes they have been a target of such schemes, they may choose to unfollow out of frustration or a desire to maintain a more authentic following.

It’s important to note that unfollowing on Instagram is a personal choice, and different individuals may have their own unique reasons for doing so. While some reasons may be specific to certain individuals, the ones mentioned above are common trends observed on the platform. Ultimately, people unfollow on Instagram when they no longer find value or connection in the content or behavior of the accounts they follow.