Why do my AirPods sound weak?

Answered by Tom Adger

When I first encountered the issue of low volume in one of my AirPods, I was quite frustrated. I couldn’t understand why the sound was so weak on one side while the other AirPod was working perfectly fine. So, I decided to do some troubleshooting and research to figure out what could be causing this problem.

One possible reason for low volume in one AirPod could be debris or dirt blocking the speaker or the air vent. To check if this is the case, I carefully inspected my AirPods and noticed that there was indeed some buildup of dirt and grime. So, I followed the cleaning guidelines provided by Apple to clean my AirPods thoroughly.

After cleaning them, I retested the volume, and to my surprise, the low volume issue was resolved! It turns out that the debris was obstructing the sound output, resulting in the weak volume.

Another solution I found during my research was to check the balance settings on my iPhone. Sometimes, the balance can be accidentally shifted to one side, causing the volume imbalance between the AirPods. To adjust the balance, I went to Settings on my iPhone, then tapped on Accessibility. From there, I selected Audio/Visual and finally Balance. I made sure that the balance was set in the middle, which should distribute the volume equally between both AirPods.

By following these steps, I was able to fix the low volume issue in one of my AirPods. It’s important to note that these solutions may not work in every case, as there could be other underlying issues causing the weak sound. In such situations, it might be best to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

If you’re experiencing low volume in one of your AirPods, it’s worth checking for any debris and cleaning your AirPods. Additionally, adjusting the balance settings on your iPhone can help resolve any volume imbalances. However, if these solutions don’t work, it’s advisable to seek professional help.