Why do I get bot lobbies?

Answered by Cody Janus

Why do I get bot lobbies?

When it comes to online gaming, bot lobbies can be quite advantageous. These lobbies are filled with computer-controlled characters, or bots, instead of real players. This means that the difficulty level is significantly lower, giving players an opportunity to easily dominate the game and rack up wins. Bot lobbies are particularly common at the start of a new season when the game’s matchmaking system is reset. However, there are also ways for players to intentionally enter bot lobbies outside of the regular reset period.

1. Season Reset:
At the beginning of a new season, game developers often reset the tiers or ranks of players. This is done to provide a fresh start and ensure a fair matchmaking experience for everyone. During this reset period, the matchmaking system may put players into bot lobbies to help them gradually adjust to the new season. These bot lobbies are designed to provide a more comfortable environment for players to warm up and ease back into the game after the reset.

2. Odd Timing and Region Switching:
While the system automatically assigns players to lobbies based on their region and ping, some players have found ways to manipulate this system to their advantage. By switching to regions with odd timing, such as regions with fewer players or during off-peak hours, players can increase their chances of being placed in bot lobbies. This is because there may be fewer real players available to match with, so the system fills the remaining slots with bots. However, it’s worth noting that intentionally changing regions to exploit bot lobbies may be against the game’s terms of service, so proceed with caution.

3. Skill-based Matchmaking (SBMM):
In addition to the season reset and region switching methods, some players have also found that intentionally lowering their skill level can increase their chances of getting placed in bot lobbies. Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is a common feature in many online games, including popular battle royale titles. It aims to match players of similar skill levels together for a fair and balanced gameplay experience. By intentionally playing poorly or losing matches on purpose, players can lower their skill rating, potentially leading to more bot-filled lobbies.

4. Account Smurfing:
Another method some players employ to enter bot lobbies is by creating secondary accounts, often referred to as smurf accounts. Smurfing involves creating a new account or using an alternate account with lower skill ratings. By starting fresh with a new account, players can avoid the higher skill ratings associated with their main account and increase the likelihood of being placed in bot lobbies. However, smurfing is often frowned upon as it disrupts the matchmaking system and creates an unfair advantage for experienced players.

It’s important to note that while bot lobbies may provide an easier gaming experience, they can also hinder skill development. Playing against real players of similar or higher skill levels is crucial for improving gameplay and becoming a better gamer. Bot lobbies may be tempting for quick wins or stat boosting, but they are not a sustainable or fulfilling gaming experience in the long run.

Gamers can encounter bot lobbies primarily during the season reset period when the matchmaking system is adjusting to the new season. However, players can also intentionally enter bot lobbies by switching to regions with odd timing or manipulating their skill ratings through intentional losses or smurf accounts. While bot lobbies can provide an easier gameplay experience, they may hinder skill development and disrupt the fair matchmaking system. It’s important to approach gaming with integrity and strive for personal growth rather than relying on shortcuts or exploits.